The anti-Trump nonsense in our great nation has gone too far, as elderly women are now being assaulted by liberal thugs on the street.


Liberal angst has taken a turn in recent weeks, with protesters turning violent and unruly.

The latest incident of leftist angst comes to us from California, a liberal stronghold that has long rebuked the ideals of a majority of Americans in favor of some socialist dream.  In the Bear Republic, one 71 year old female staffer was accosted by a violent group of anti-Trump foot soldiers, in an incident that left her unconscious.

“Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says a 71-year-old staffer at his Huntington Beach office was knocked unconscious during a protest, but the protestors say they were delivering Valentine’s Day cards.

“The [assault] on Rohrabacher’s district director, Kathleen Staunton, happened Tuesday afternoon during a protest by a group calling themselves Indivisible OC. Police confirmed they were called to the scene, but made no arrests.

“Staunton was trying to exit through the front door of Rohrabacher’s office to visit a restroom when, according to Rohrabacher, a protester yanked the door open, causing her to fall and hit her head. The door also pushed over a 2-year-old child who was apparently brought along with the crowd, but she was not injured, the congressmen said.”

The emboldened demeanor of these ridiculous protesters has caused more than one serious incident in recent weeks, with many Americans imploring authorities to do something, anything about the unchecked aggression of these progressive antagonists.

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