The shooting of Trayvon Martin has been a racial rallying cry across the nation.  Most blacks are accusing George Zimmerman of purposely shooting Trayvon because he was black.  To date, there is conflicting evidence so I’m not passing judgment on the case, just those who immediately jumped on the race issue before they knew all of the facts.

I’ve seen this happen too many times.  Whenever a white or Hispanic person commits a crime against a black person, it’s instantly labeled a hate crime and the black community goes on a warpath.

But what happens when a black person commits a crime against a white person?  You rarely ever hear any suggest it was a hate crime.  Such is the case of a 78 year old man in East Toledo, Ohio.

According to multiple news reports, Dallas Watts, is a thin frail looking 78 year old white man.  He was walking home from a nearby Gas Express Mart last Saturday afternoon when he was confronted by six black juveniles ranging in age from 11 to 17.  Watts recalled one of the youth telling the others to “take him down.”

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