September 11.


Twelve years have now passed since the jet liners were intentionally crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 9/11/01.   Three hundred sixty-five days have gone by since four Americans died in a brutal attack on the Benghazi outpost on 9/11/12.

Will America’s elite class ever accept the truth about the origins of the evil committed that date?

Over a decade of remembrances recalling the first 9/11 attack have come and gone, and Americans find ourselves living through two presidencies in which the ideology of those who perpetrated the crime has been obfuscated under factual ignorance, political correctness, appeasement, Stockholm Syndrome, and/or intentional misdirection.

A year has gone by since the second 9/11 and America still does not know exactly what happened to our interests in Libya and why the President sent in no reinforcements to help our men on the ground, among a myriad of other missing details.  We certainly have received no information from our political leaders regarding what the ideological bent of the attackers in Benghazi was.

In between these events, Americans saw lone-wolf attacks on 7/4/02 at the LA International Airport, at an army recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas on 6/1/09, and at Fort Hood, Texas on 11/5/09, all resulting in the gruesome death of innocent people.  The stories of these events have been largely ignored by the media, and the motivators for each of the gunmen have been buried with the reporting on these cases.

On 4/15/13, three innocent people, including an 8 year old boy, had their lives mercilessly snuffed out by a pair of brothers on a Boston street.  Half a year later, we have seen precious little discussion about what influenced these two killers to create homemade bombs and dump them in a crowd of marathon spectators.

So much carnage, so much death, so much suffering on our homeland, among our family, friends, and neighbors…all in the name of Islam.  Yet we reach another 9/11 and our President has been playing a game of brinksmanship with the American people as to whether he will engage an Islamic country in the heart of the Middle East militarily.   And there is barely a peep about Islam appears in the mainstream media…

Since 9/11/01, America has unwillingly had to deal with the phenomenon of Islam.  Islam in one form or another influenced every one of the hijackers, gunmen, and bombers identified herein.  Beyond our borders, Islam influenced the mass murder attacks on the Madrid commuter train system on 3/11/04.  Islam influenced the London street bombings on 7/7/05.  Islam influenced the wild shooting spree on the streets of Mumbai on 11/26/08.  Islam is why the Iranian government put down the protesters in the failed Green Revolution of 2009.  Islam was the raison-d’etre of the Muslim Brotherhood in its pursuit to claim power and persecute Coptic Christians in Egypt since the so-called Arab Spring in 2011.

And yet our government and media ignore the fact that these modern acolytes of Islam are merely following in the footsteps of their ancestors who have for 14 centuries taken the Quranic command to kill unbelievers wherever they are found (Quran 9:5) quite literally.

Shortly after 19 jihadists used four airplanes as weapons of mass destruction on the clear fall day in 2001, President Bush addressed a grieving nation in a speech before a joint session of Congress.  In that lecture, Mr. Bush proclaimed Islam to be a good and peaceful religion.

Eight years later, President Obama went to Cairo, and in June 2009 gave a message to the Islamic world, in which he asserted that Islam is not part of the problem rather it is part of the solution in the quest for world peace.

Sen. John McCain, a genuine war hero from America’s foray in Vietnam, claimed in September 2013 that the warrior cry “Allahu Akbar” carries the same meaning for Islamic jihadis as the phrase “Thank God” does for American Christians.

These statements evidence that our leaders in the highest level of authority remain perilously ignorant of the fact that Islam is a comprehensive worldview that is antithetical to both judeochristianity and to America’s secular constitutional republicanism.  Our nation has been struck with terrible blows, both large and small, by Muslims who ardently practice the violent commands in the Quran and emulate the violent ways of Muhammad documented in the Hadith literature, and yet our elites with very few exceptions persist in talking in vague terms about “violent extremism,” “workplace violence,” and “crime” when Islamic radicals shoot or blow people up.

So another 9/11 comes and goes, and our leadership denies the American public the candor and honesty it deserves in regard to the atrocities committed by Muslims.  If our nation ever hopes to get a handle on the problem of Islamic violence, our leadership–who are charged by their oath to office with protecting us from harm–is going to have to at some point tell and accept the truth that it is Islam which serves as the fount of ideas for virtually every terrorist attack taking place in our time.

Since the first 9/11 in 2001, not a small number of intelligent, courageous voices have cried out like John the Baptist, calling from the wilderness to alert our nation to an unpleasant truth underlying all of the events listed above.  Just as Christ’s cousin preached a difficult message decrying the people of Israel’s godless and soulless religiosity that permeated their society, so have people like Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Jamie Glazov, David Horowitz, Raymond Ibrahim, Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, Walid Shoebat, and Pamela Geller been proclaiming an important and distasteful-to-swallow truth:  That all the violence mentioned above found its root in the doctrines of Islam.  Yet, in spite of the warnings of these secular prophets, the staggering bloodiness of these terror attacks, and the clear written evidence found in Islam’s holy books and recited to us by its practitioners, those in America’s halls of power located in the Beltway, Hollywood, and Academia remain tragically unlearned regarding what the fundamental basis of any of these outrages actually are.  If the stay deaf, dumb, and blind to the Islamic doctrine that provides the rationale for so much violence in the world, our nation’s innocent population remains gravely at risk for more suffering in the name of Islam.

Fortunately, quietly growing numbers of grassroots patriots have awakened to this problem and they are pushing back against the encroachment of Islam into our nation.  On this 9/11, I just hope it’s not too little, too late.


John Steinreich is a researcher, public speaker, and author of “The Words of God,” which is an analysis of the Bible and the Quran found online at