British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once warned global warming provided a “marvelous excuse for worldwide, supra-national socialism”.
She was right.

Except today in a bid to expand its possibilities, it’s been re-badged. “Climate change”. Or perhaps more aptly: socialism by stealth.

So, is it any surprise that President Obama has determined that climate change will be a priority in his second term? Or that he referenced it in his Inaugural Speech last month? And that he went much further in his State of the Union Address?

Suggesting climate change to be a tool of the left has until now been derided as the domain of the cigar-smoking conservative conspiracy brethren. But this is now a mainstream position of Main Street that is mushrooming. So-called climate change is now facing the cool winds of scrutiny.

Examining the proposals of those that insist that we must act on climate change is telling. Irrespective of the Western democracy, and slight variations in nomenclature (cap-and trade or carbon tax), each involves spreading the wealth, damaging capitalism, weakening America, increasing taxation and inching towards a one-world government.

Australia, under the Gillard Labor Government (left-of-center), implemented the world’s first economy-wide carbon tax in July 2012. There are any number of reasons, practical and ideological, to scuttle this tax in Australia, and the conservative opposition have pledged to do so. For starters, carbon dioxide is what we breathe- this tax is a tax for breathing; a tax on life. Secondly, with a population of just over twenty million, and a world where China and the USA will increase their emissions, Australian contribution is utterly futile. And most importantly such a tax has removed our great competitive edge.

But examining the thinking behind climate change action is a far more fascinating exercise. A socialist, without even knowing the question, will answer: “more government”. The repression of human activity by the state is the only solution to any so-called problem. And it has been decided for us that “climate change” is a problem.

This is despite no consensus existing among scientists. Ironically, this unsettled science has been pursued with a religious fervor among the atheistic left. The broader international “We are the world” movement sings from the same hymn sheet. Anyone not on this page is berated, maligned and scorned.
This European-based secular left ideology finds patriotism abhorrent. It dislikes the concept of the nation-state. This ideology envies the exceptionalism and detests the inequality of American might. These elites constantly seek to circumvent American power. A world where an impotent America subsisted would be a paradise for them.

Climate change is the ugly sibling of Agenda 21. Their objectives are identical: stopping America, destroying capitalism, ripping out the heart of the private economy and transferring it to the government for control.

The cap-and-trade legislation proposed in America seems to have disappeared. Unlike others, most Americans have resisted almost entirely the climate change dogma. But this can change. President Obama’s rhetoric about rising seas and natural disasters (the last inference claiming an entirely false symbiosis) sound ominous. Beware. Exercise vigilance, commonsense and fidelity to the most admired, imitated and long-standing document the world has ever seen: the United States Constitution.

One day so-called “climate change” will hopefully lie in the dustbin of history.
I told Gordon Liddy four years ago about the dangers of so-called market-based initiatives concerning climate change.

In the meantime, Americans have to ask themselves: why would you want to be a global citizen if you could be an American?