Today at 3PM EST, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ will be holding a news conference to report the finding of his “Cold Case Posse.” What Sheriff Arpaio has done is conduct an official Law Enforcement investigation into the eligibility of Barack Obama to be the President of the United States. Those of us who have been reading events published in Patriot Update and other sources know there have been many articles discussing President Obama’s eligibility (or lack of thereof) to be our President. However, no matter what has been reported, stated and published, NOTHING has been done by any real legal entity that would stand up and say “Obama is NOT eligible to be the President of the United States.” To be clear, there is no one with any spine or gumption in their soul, who has the authority to do something about it, to state Obama is a fraud. So, in reality, this is a “Road to Nowhere.”

A lot of us Patriots have a little bit of conspiracy theory in our minds. It is like a small splinter that just sits there irritating us enough to make us believe that something is just not right with our Government Leadership. Rightly so, I say. We may or may not believe that President Obama is really qualified to be in the Oval Office and defender of our Nation. In fact, most of the actions he, himself, has done while in office is against the very core of what it means to be an American. This is why the splinter in our minds will not heal and go away. If Obama acted like he was the leader of the Free World, made decisions that helped Americans and did not bypass our long-standing laws, we might actually be able to believe he is for America. However, this is just not the situation with Obama; he has corrupted our laws, continued to pander to our enemies and has weakened us economically and militarily.

So, who believes there will be ANY real unbiased main stream media outlet’s reporting of anything Sheriff Arpaio says tomorrow? Who believes any real creditable person in the country will take this report and actually do something with it (beside criticizing and lambasting it)? Currently, it is reported there will be a full-on press corp at this news conference. We can expect they are there to only gather negative information about what the Sheriff is reporting. We feel this in our minds because we already know the main stream media is the mouth piece of Barack Obama. To ensure you are able to see this news conference as it is happening, follow the link below.

The link to sign up for the report and see the news conference:

Here is a little more information about what this news conference is about.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio created a special five member law enforcement posse last year to investigate Obama’s April 27th release of his birth certificate; where they believe this document is a forgery. This legally was filed by the 250 members of the Surprise, Arizona Tea Party. In addition, there have been allegations of Obama’s use of a fraudulent Connecticut Social Security number which does not pass the governments own E-Verify system.

We have to realize there has been no official vetting of Obama’s credentials. Not one of the 50 secretaries of state, not by anyone in the Federal Elections Commission, not by anyone in the Electoral College, not by any judge in America, not by Congress; not one person who has any authority has vetted that Obama is really who he says he is! In fact, Obama has written that his father was born in Kenya and is a citizen of the UK. What this all means is no matter what anyone has already said and no matter that Sheriff Arpaio says this news conference could be a “game-changer”, this one fact remains; this is a deadened street and a road to nowhere because no one will DO anything about it. We MUST VOTE OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE!