Watching government proceedings can raise one’s blood pressure.
On-going in the House and Senate are hearings on the national
budget and immigration reform.  Many other hearings are
scheduled, of course, and if one has a strong heart, it could be
your chance to tune in on C-SPAN and listen to some impossible
differences of opinion on these critical issues.  Sometimes the
opposing arguments are so inane as to wonder from which foreign
country these people originate.  I suspect that many of the
arguments are meant for nothing but theater.  And then there are
some that are so passionate and filled with charts and statistics
that those really do make “good theater.”  But, we do have a
Constitution, and this should remain the basis of any and all new
legislation considered.

Considering “immigration reform,” is a subject that we have
debated for at least sixty years and nothing in the “reform” has
attained reality.  Many countries throughout the world welcome
immigrant or guest workers legally, as we do, and there are also
many occasions where these workers have been taken advantage of.
But most, I suspect, are treated fairly, have come in with proper
documentation, and return when their tour has expired or legally
apply for citizenship.  It is with those who cross borders
without permission and whose purpose is not always to work, but
to smuggle, infiltrate, commit crimes and/or have other devious
schemes in mind.  There are various estimates as to the number of
illegal and undocumented immigrants in this country as between
ten and twenty million.  In the past, amnesty was granted,
“reform” was enacted, and everything was supposed to be hunky-
dory.  Not.  The reasons for the problem, in the first place,
were never realistically addressed.  It’s like catching a fox in
your hen-house, chasing it off and declaring the hens safe.  Of
course, the fox returns.  To keep it from returning again, a
fence is erected.  The fox jumps the fence.  So you erect a fence
over the top.  Now, we have no “fence,” an administration that
abhors a fence anyway, and a message to the world that we really
don’t have laws that restrict any and all to come sit at our
table, for whatever reason.

I doubt if anyone is opposed to legal immigration.  Up to around
the turn of the twentieth century, immigration was encouraged and
millions of our citizens arrived from around the world to help
build a miraculous country, learn the language and abide by the
laws of the land.  From this there is no reason to look over
one’s shoulder as to fear detection and arrest.  Up to today,
these citizens are the ones enacting the “laws of the land.”  And
doing it legally so there is still an opportunity for others to
follow in their footsteps.  In the eyes of those who denigrate
this system, doing anything legally is abhorrent.

First, secure the borders and only allow those in who have guest-
worker permits or who have legally applied for citizenship or
have a visa to enter.  That is a no-brainer.  Arrest and send all
others caught crossing illegally to Sheriff Joe’s tents in the
desert.  After reducing their weight ten percent from Sheriff
Joe’s healthy diet, return them to their original country.  If
caught a second time, weight reduction another ten percent.  No
food stamps, free education, driver’s license, et al.

Next, or coincidentally, address the existing illegal population.
This, of course, is critical.  If the borders are secure, as
reflected in the former paragraph, illegal entrance will be
reduced by 95 percent.  Then, and only then, the existent aliens,
who are known and have no criminal records, can apply for
citizenship.  Those not applying can be arrested and returned to
their native land.  There are probably many other ways to address
this huge problem but I submit this as one.  We must find a way
to convince the world that we do, still, have a country that is
ruled and lives by its laws.