In the future, Americans will look back at 2012 as the year in which liberals finally realized their fondest dream: a dependent, entitled America. It has been said that once voters get their hands in the federal treasury they will always vote for the party of big government, a maxim borne out by the re-election of Barack Obama. In 2012 Americans re-elected a thoroughly incompetent president with a consistent record of missteps, failures, and embarrassments. Under Barack Obama, the gage on America’s misery index pegged at its highest point and stayed there, while America’s prestige abroad tanked. Yet on Monday, January 21st he will be inaugurated for another term as President of the United States. Why? Because he understood the just stated maxim about using federal handouts to buy votes and took full advantage of it.

Consider this quote from an editorial in The Washington Times of December 17th: “Americans are becoming more and more dependent on Uncle Sam. Before the Great Recession hit, 1 in 11 Americans found themselves on the food stamp dole. Now the number is 1 in 6, or 47.7 million, according to data released last week by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Loosening standards and disastrous economic policies have hooked tens of millions on government handouts. In 2001, only 17.3 million people used food stamps, which cost taxpayers $15.5 billion. Now the program imposes a $72 billion annual burden.”

When he first ran for president, Barack Obama promised Americans an economic recovery from the recession that began under George W. Bush. What we got instead was high unemployment, economic stagnancy, mounting debt, and a dependent, entitled subclass of Americans large enough to elect any scoundrel who promises to keep the government handouts flowing. As Barack Obama prepares for his inaugural address to the nation, participation in the job market is at an all-time low: 63.6 percent compared with 66.4 percent a decade ago. At this rate, the number of people getting a free ride in America’s economic wagon will surpass the number pulling it. Those working people who make up the 63.6 percent are expected to support—through their taxes—the almost 47 percent who pay no taxes. Americans should take no solace in the fact that taxpayers still outnumber non-taxpayers 63 to 47 percent because the ratio of taxes spent by liberals and taxes paid by working people is not one-to-one. Liberals spend way more than the government takes in.
On this issue, at least, Mitt Romney was right. Unfortunately, he let left-leaning media mavens and weak-kneed advisors coerce him into backing down on the issue rather than pressing the point. Mainstream Republican advisors were concerned that Romney’s accurate observation would anger voters who make up the non-taxpaying 47 percent—voters who weren’t going to vote for Romney under any circumstances (and Republicans wonder why they cannot win presidential elections).

But while Republicans tiptoe around the issue of dependency/entitlement, Democrats are taking full advantage of it. Never ones to worry about the ultimate consequences of their shortsighted policies, liberals continue to push America ever closer to the brink of financial collapse. Their strategy of creating a reliable cohort of voters by maintaining a permanently dependent, perpetually entitled subclass of Americans is working as planned and will in the short term. But life is never that easy. Every action has consequences and, although the consequences of their actions can be ignored in the near term, liberals—including their dependent, entitled constituents—will eventually have to face up to the truth: when you take more out than is being put in, the well eventually runs dry and when it does there will be nothing the government can do to help those who have made their living refusing to help themselves.

Liberals had better enjoy the fruits of finally realizing their dream of a dependent, entitled constituency because their dream is temporary. Liberals are like the man who procures friends by using his credit card to buy people round after round of drinks. Eventually his credit card will be refused. When this happens his “friends” will toss him aside like a used Kleenex. The house of cards liberals have built on a foundation of debt and entitlement will eventually come crashing down. When this happens, their government-dependent supporters will be the first to turn on them.