Dear Mr. President, now that you have won re-election to four more years in the White House, I have a challenge for you: Renounce the failed policies, political partisanship, weak-kneed foreign policy, class envy, and racial divisiveness of your first term and use your second term to become a good steward for America. You were elected to lead not the extreme left wing of the Democrat Party, but all Americans, and stewardship is one of the most important elements of good leadership. A leader is a good steward when he leaves what has been entrusted to him in better shape than it was in when he took over. What has been entrusted to you is no less than our country—its well-being, its future, and its survival as a great nation.
Mr. President the fact that you were able to cobble together a nanny-government coalition of sufficient size to win re-election should not be taken as a mandate to continue the failed policies and political power plays of your first term. You were re-elected not because you have been a good president, but because America has finally gone past the tipping point in its demographics. We now have more people who believe they are entitled to a free ride in America’s economic wagon than we have pulling the wagon. Those enjoying the ride voted for you. Those pulling the wagon voted against you. Make sure you understand this economic reality because when there are no longer enough productive people pulling America’s economic wagon to accommodate all of those who feel entitled to ride in it, the entitled will turn on you in the blink of an eye. Mr. President, make no mistake about this fact, entitled Americans are not loyal to you. They are loyal to the government treasury and they will not accept an IOU when our economy goes into free fall as a result of your misguided economic policies.
Second terms are typically about establishing a legacy, but second terms have not been kind to most American presidents. Mr. President, your legacy can be that you were the president who oversaw the descent of America into economic ruin and global impotence or it can be that you were the president who saw the light and became a good steward for his country before it was too late. I challenge you to be what every leader should be: a good steward.
Mr. President, to leave America in better shape than it was in when you were first elected will require specific actions that are at odds with your record, your promises, and your political philosophy. Here are some things you will have to be willing to do to take your presidency to a higher level and become a good steward, not just for the radical left and the entitled but for all Americans: 1) Stop trying to borrow and spend America out of debt—it is not working; 2) Stop the planned massive cuts to the military—the cuts will leave America vulnerable; 3) Enact a bipartisan plan to reduce the deficit and balance the budget; 4) Man up and strengthen our foreign policy so that radical Islamists will not dare attack another American embassy; 5) Stop portraying businesses, entrepreneurs, and wealthy Americans as the enemy and punishing them for being productive; 6) Stop favoring alternative energy sources that cannot come close to meeting America’s energy needs and, instead, support coal, oil, gas, and nuclear energy to make us energy independent; 7) Stop stooping to the use the divisive tactics of racialism, class envy, and victimhood—your tactics are balkanizing America; and 8) Stop playing fast and loose with unemployment statistics, admit we have a huge unemployment/underemployment problem, and start doing what is necessary to create high-value, high-wage jobs.
Mr. President, America was already headed in the wrong direction when you took office. I freely admit this fact, but rather than put on the brakes and steer the ship of state in a new direction you made matters worse—much worse. There is still time for you to take off the hat of misguided ideologue and don the hat of good steward for America. I challenge you to do so and let this become your legacy as president.