I owe my passion for journalism and patriotism to my father and to my Uncle Gene. Uncle Gene served his county in the Marine Corps, was the editor of a newspaper, and now hosts a conservative talk radio show in Houston, Texas. My father, Ray, has been in the news and publishing business for the past four decades. Both of these men are self-employed leaders in their communities and are committed to keeping America free and prosperous.

My father just sent me this photo from their early days of television in Clarksburg, West Virginia at WBOY TV-12 (an NBC affiliate). At left, Gene Anthony (Vallorani) is shown working at his news desk in the newsroom writing a local story before going on the air. Gene covered news at Channel 12 from 1966 to 1969. He was one of the first newsmen on the scene at the Farmington No. 9 mine disaster in 1968. He sent film of the tragedy to NBC news headquarters in New York.

Gene’s brother Ray Anthony (Vallorani) is shown at right in the WBOY news car going out on assignment. Ray worked the same position at Channel 12 as his brother as local news director from 1972 to 1973. He worked as a reporter and photographer at the Bedford Daily Gazette in central Pennsylvania before taking the position at WBOY.

Gene and Ray both worked together for a short time at the Central West Virginia Guardian Daily newspaper (1973 to 1975). Gene was the Editor and Ray was the Sports Editor and chief photographer.

In addition to the Internet, the two are amazed at the technology that TV stations have today compared to doing the weather and newscasts live back in those days. There wasn’t much competition as there is today with so many channels to choose from. There were only three networks to watch for news: NBC, CBS and ABC.

Gene now lives in Beaumont, Texas near Houston and has his own radio show “That’s the Bottom Line,” on News Talk Radio KLVI AM. You can listen to the show online. Ray stills lives in north central West Virginia and is involved in several business partnerships in publishing.

This is just a note of encouragement to all the conservative men reading this article. You probably don’t realize just how much your lives affect those young men who are watching you on a daily basis. Thanks to our father and uncle, my brother Jared and I have launched several conservative news web sites including the one you are reading now. We are actively passing our vision of a conservative, Christian, and constitutional America on to our boys as well.