We’re down to the final  hours.

It has been an exhausting three and a half years. I first visited America in June of 2009, and have traveled there frequently ever since.  Fact remains, I’ve only ever seen Obama’s America. That is to say: I have only ever been in America during his Presidency. For want of a better phrase, I am an “Obama tourist”.

When I first set foot on American soil, I still found the greatest nation on earth but one in turmoil.

Two months previously, the Tea Party had had its official re-birth. In my second week, I attended and spoke at Americans for Tax Reform under the watchful eye of Grover Norquist, and witnessed firsthand the spiraling numbers signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. I was there (and spoke) on July 4, when the next set of Tea Party Rallies happened. And then I was there again, this time marching, a few months later on an overcast September day in Washington DC for what was known as the 9-12 March. I had never seen so much passion or so many people in one place, before or since.

And I was there when Joe Wilson famously yelled out to President Obama: “You lie.” I keynoted the FreedomWorks Tea Party Rally in Harrisburg PA on November 14, 2009, along with Dick Armey. I watched in shock from my hotel room as Fox News began reporting the terrorist attack that was the Fort Hood shooting. Just days after I left the country on one occasion, Scott Brown pulled off a magnificent victory to capture Ted Kennedy’s old seat. I was there in spirit the day Obamacare passed.

And I was there in the thick of campaigning for the November 2010 midterms, and left just before the historic landslide. Not to mention my six trips in 2011 and 2012.

I’ve met people who lost their jobs under the Obama administration. I’ve met people that lost their homes, too. I saw the most resilient people struggling to get up off the canvas for that one last round. I saw proud people offended at the President’s European sympathies, his “apology tour” and refusal to acknowledge American exceptionalism. I saw religious people feel persecuted by this administration’s war on religion. I met countless small business owners who told me “the President hasn’t helped me at all; in fact, he’s hurt me.”

I witnessed it all. And now America has a chance to put it right. To limit the damage to American morale. To stop the spending and live within its means. To change a growing culture of dependency. To return to the principles of America’s founding. To be the America Ronald Reagan would be proud of.

America is an idea, and bigger than any President . If Obama does win another four years, it is not the end for America but it will delay its comeback four years, at least.

Come on America. Change the President on Tuesday.