G’day there.

I’m Nick Adams. I’m an Australian, and I love America.

And I’m honored to be here with you to celebrate the greatest birthday in the world.

Ordinary Americans do extraordinary things every day. But nothing quite as extraordinary as what they did on July 4th, 1776…

… when fifty-six men of indomitable spirit risked property, reputation and life so that the people of this nation could live free from tyranny and seek their Creator.

The American Revolution was not simply a rebellion against the King of England, it was a rebellion against being ruled by kings in general. That is why the opening salvo of the American Revolution was called “the shot heard round the world.”

It was the start of something magnificent. A chance at being exceptional. A chance to grow into the shining city on the hill.

And did it ever.

It went from the greatest idea to the greatest nation.

The American model has offered a greater chance for dignity, hope and happiness for more people than any other system of government has offered its own. But even its promise can be threatened by those that do not share these ideals.

An excess of power in government, for example, is always a fundamental threat to liberty.

I pray America does not follow the path of other Western nations for it will diminish the freedom , culture and liberty of your future generations.

A world with a weak or fallen America does not bear thinking about.

But I have faith. And so should you. For this nation was founded on it.

On this day of fun, let us also somberly contemplate the steep price of freedom.

Join me in honoring the gallant men and women of the Armed Forces, past and present. Here and abroad. Who protect not just America, but the entire world. They secured American independence and have never stopped defending freedom everywhere since.

It is our collective duty to keep America strong. For what is good for this nation is surely good for the world.

Thank you.  God Bless America