Major labor unions are unhappy with the Affordable Health Care law they helped write. Three of the country’s largest labor unions sent a letter to top Congressional Democrats last week. The letter outlined their increasing concerns of how Obama Care will affect Health Care benefits for middle-class Americans and the concept of a 40 hour work week. Big unions now crying foul, saying Obama care is changing the rules on them, like they didn’t see this coming.

Avik Roy, a senior fellow at Manhattan Institute, says, ”They are changing their tune about Obama care now but they knew it was coming. They were basically involved in writing this Law. They were in and out of the White House every other week, talking with the Administration and with Congress. Why the upset now after they really backed this law? A lot of Union members, rank and file, wrote into me saying their hours are being cut, they are losing benefits, losing their jobs and they are very upset. They have told their union leaders, you asked us to lobby for this law, we did and now our hours are being cut. What happened?”

They have already reached out to the White House in hopes of more “Waivers for Favors” like they received a couple of years ago. They wanted the White House Administration to create ”exceptions” for them, the “favorite child”, but the White House flatly refused them. Now they are running to Congress, Pelosi and Reid to try to get changes through.

*Union heads say Health Care Law will destroy the foundation of 40 hr. work week

*Head of the largest Federation of Unions called Employer mandate delay “troubling”

*Unions spent over $ 400 Million to support Barak Obama and Democratic Candidates

* 92% of Political Contributions from Labor Unions have gone to Democratic Candidates

All this apprehension tells me the Unions are just starting to wake up and comprehend the mess the rest of us are sorting through because of Obama Care. They are really just beginning to feel the sting of; higher Insurance premiums, shorter work- hour weeks, salary cuts, lost benefits and being suppressed under this monstrosity that they themselves help create to impose on us but never meant for them.

I truly wonder when they first wrote this if they indeed orchestrated it with a punitive attitude to inflict the most pain onto the people, perhaps in hopes that it wouldn’t work or would be over turned to another method. This would open the door for single payer insurance.  Mr. Obama has always wanted a single payer Health Care program which he touted at many different union rallies promising its achievement would come under his leadership.

This would just give him enormous amounts of power over us, even more than feasible comprehension would allow anyone to imagine. Think about it, he and his corrupt crony czars will have continual access to the newly married conveyance of our Medical record information with the continuous NSA information Metta data influent storage at his command and disposal all in the name, ’for the good of the people’.

His intentions were always to exploit union pawns to lay his ground work for the affordable Health care program because of their numbers, monetary contributions, loyalty and political strength. It’s obvious their usefulness in writing and implementing Obama care has now expired.

What happens now to the ”Love Fest” relationship since unions were key to backing this legislation and getting Democratic leaders elected to Congress and the President to the White House? If they don’t get what they want with exceptions or waivers to the Health Care Mandate it’s not likely they will automatically start backing Conservatives and voting Republican. This sempiternity relationship between unions and the Democratic Party have deep roots that spread through generations and decades of time.

It won’t disrupt the relationship of union leaders with the Democratic Congress but rank and file members might see it differently since they are the ones being directly affected by this Law. The rank and file members are the ones who have a part of their paycheck docked to go directly into the union dues account, then portions expressly goes to the Democratic party regardless of how the union member votes. These lower level members might be very inclined to vote the other way, or threaten to, as leverage to get their “medical privilege” back.

At the very least they are pressing for changes or repeal of the employer mandate provision that requires firms with fifty or more employees to offer health Insurance to their workers or pay fines. This is part of what is causing the disruption. If the union members could get behind the Republicans and sign onto this where they all agree, this could be a winning ticket, if it is inclusive of all Americans.

The Republicans would in no way sign onto only union members receiving  preferential treatment so they could get both programs, employer sponsor coverage and tax credits designed for un-insured. This would never happen. A lot of what they are asking for is basically unrealistic to ask from Congress and exactly why they went to the White House first.

It reminds me of when Mom would select one kid to cut the brownie, but after he cut it in half he wanted to also be the first to decide which piece he got, knowing he had cut it uneven. Then Mom intervened and said no. One child cuts and the other one gets to decide first, which slice he wants. Not that President Obama had good intensions when colluding with the union members, but he put them in a similar situation having them help write a bill that they didn’t think they would ever need to adhere to. He intentionally had them  write this job stifling and over taxing  train wreck of a Health Care law, knowing he wasn’t going to allow them to choose the first slice or opt out. He simply bought himself some time writing a waiver to appease them until the timing of the election passed.

It appears to me the Unions are getting a taste of their own medicine, since they helped write this un- palatable law. Crying to Obama now for some sugar to help it go down falls on deaf ears, Obama care has no sweetener to it because the Authors, wrote it with malice on their mind.

Somebody please pat those union members on the head, give them a lollypop and escort them to the END of the very long, wait-in-line, of rationed Obama care so they too can appreciate the great job they did and contemplate the upcoming “2014”elections…