The Newtown, Connecticut shooting tragedy, that burst into America’s consciousness this week, has produced the usual expected denunciations from the ‘Left’ giving liberals yet another excuse to convince Americans to abandon the 2nd Amendment, ‘for our safety and protection’. The nonsense there of course, and we all know it, is that only law abiding citizens would comply causing the list of potential victims to expand because the criminal class wouldn’t comply at all leaving only them with guns. So far, they haven’t shown any fear of the police. If they get arrested, it’s just part of a day’s work. I blame Liberalism for this tragedy.


With that line of nonsense thinking, blaming firearms as the root cause of tragedies, like Newtown, it is as easy to suggest that because all the recent shootings were committed by 20 year old white males, that therefore, all 20 year old white males should be locked up or drugged into unconsciousness until they reach thirty. They are being drugged anyway in our government schools simply on a possible identification made of them as unruly by a school nurse or administrator who determines this child or that would be better behaved in school if they were properly drugged. This especially applies to little boys. I blame Liberalism for this policy.


Clearly there is a common denominator here that the Liberals ignore. It is the vast, unending production of violent movies and computer games available to all children and, admittedly, while the number of white males in their 20’s who have done these things is so small as to be negligible, the path of destruction they leave is not. What they don’t learn in school they make up for in front of computer or TV screens and their minds become besotted with endless killings. Thank you Hollywood!  We can blame Liberalism for this production of violence.


Another easily recognized common denominator is the fact that while inner-city urban youths, formed up in gangs of self survival, gleefully go about slaughtering other dwellers in their urban environment, little is mentioned of these except for a passing headline or a comment on TV news shows about drive-by shootings. Black youths have not been involved in such mass shootings, the two black snipers in Washington DC, a few years ago, excepted.


However, we can expect that to change soon, after Quentin Taratino’s newest violent movie “Django”, starring Jamie Foxx as a former slave off in a heartfelt quest to kill as many white folks as he can, hits the market. It will be the power of suggestion directed at a more willing audience. It’s safe to say these things now, without fear of violating political correctness, because Jammie Foxx says them publicly. He does not get a pass as the veil of potential to racism has been lifted. It’s also time to look seriously at Liberalism, in all its evil manifestations, as responsible for these breakdowns in society. Obama’s brand of Liberalism is especially odious.


The power of suggestion is so manifest in our society, especially in advertising, and so successful in its impact, that liberals use it constantly to advance their agenda. As an example, it has not a secret that the animated heros in computer war games, even some of the new movies coming out now, face corporate and capitalistic villains that are spoiling the sacred mother earth, instead of government villains who are actually enslaving the people. This fits right in with the Progressive agenda. Government is good and therefore only government should have guns to protects itself; and capitalism is bad and so, therefore anybody with is gun is automatically bad as well. The only problem they face now is the 2nd amendment. With it, government cannot succeed with its enslavement program. The inmates are running the institution now. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. (16 Dec 2012).