Two employees at the notorious Philadelphia “House of Horrors” clinic operated by late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell (left) have pleaded guilty to murder in the deaths of a baby born at the clinic and a woman who had come for an abortion. As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, 34-year-old Adrienne Moton admitted that she killed a baby who had been born alive at the abortion facility, while Sherry West, 52, pleaded guilty to administering a lethal dose of painkillers and anesthesia to a 41-year-old woman who had come for an abortion.

The guilty pleas leave seven additional individuals to be tried in a case that has stunned even abortion supporters because of the evidence of the murders of both live-born babies and adults at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society. “Gosnell, 70, could face the death penalty if convicted,” reported the Boston Herald. “He is accused of cutting the spinal cords of seven babies born alive at his clinic.” He also faces a third-degree murder charge in the death of Karnamaya Mongar, the immigrant woman who died as a result of the drugs he directed West to administer.

According to the Inquirer, a 260-page grand jury report into the goings-on at the clinic — which was closed down nearly a year before the January 2011 arrests of Gosnell, his wife, and eight employees — “said that Moton and West, like the rest of Gosnell’s medical staff, were not formally trained or licensed for their jobs. Moton, who knew Gosnell through his niece, assisted with abortions and followed Gosnell’s practice of using scissors to cut the spinal cords of late-term fetuses, the report said.”

Jeffrey Kuhner, a Washington Times columnist and president of the conservative Edmund Burke Institute, pointed out that, even when performed in the most pristine and sanitary of settings, abortion is still nothing less than “state-sanctioned infanticide. It encodes in law the pernicious principle that there is an entire category of people — the unborn — who are less than fully human.”

Noting that nearly 50 million babies (some experts place the estimate at more than 53 million) have been slaughtered in America since 1973 — more than the number of people killed by either Hitler or Stalin — Kuhner wrote that abortion represents the natural progression of an increasingly godless liberal culture, where self is god and where “individual gratification and personal liberation” are the highest good.

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