The most deceptive intricately entangled plan of Identity theft ever conceived in Human History is coming to a hospital near you. This could be one of the most blatant violations of basic privacy rights in history with identity theft taken at birth without consent or payment; given away to a private company without constraints for unknown research with an indefinite time limit that could make or break your Child’s destiny.

This nuance started in other countries hospitals 40 yrs. ago and has metamorphosed into the 21st Century version of fingerprints, personal signatures and photographs.

Governments all over the world are after the most intimate genetic information in your blood…your DNA.  Fingerprints and photographs can be altered. DNA is your genetic core. These DNA Data Bank profiles will affect your family’s future. This is why the Govt. has allowed Hospitals to subtly steal newborn baby’s blood to test genetic code efficacy.

Parents in Texas and Minnesota discovered that these States had been storing their babies’ blood spots and making them available to private labs for medical research without the parent’s knowledge or consent for years. Many Hospitals take blood samples from babies (5 drops on a card) when they are born in order to screen for Genetic disorders. Two are used and the other three drops are being stored in Labs owned by private Companies doing their own research but paid for by the Govt.

It’s not a tiny thing affecting a few people in elite hospitals. According to the Washington Post, Minnesota has well over 800,000 blood spots on file, Texas has over 5 Million and Michigan has over 3.5 Million just to name a few in the short  7 yrs. they had been collecting blood.

Parents in Texas filed and won a law suit. The Lawsuit stated that failure to ask parent’s permission to store and use the blood originally collected to screen for birth defects violated constitutional protections against unlawful search and seizure. The Plaintiffs cited fears that their children’s private health data could be misused and were being stored for unspecified research projects.

A Judge finally forced them to destroy the blood but not the info they derived from it. All the genetic information contained therein, with the child’s name attached, can be traced back to that child. Why is this study so important to the Govt. that it had to be forced by the court to destroy the samples? The genetic information is stored indefinitely. The Govt. can use it for research then share it with public Health & screening or Insurance Co.’s, whomever at their discretion.

Only State Employee’s run the Institutional Review Boards which approve the samples for research in private Labs. They would not allow any press into the meetings to find out what kind of research was being done; nor do they not have to disclose any information, according to the review board. The new law says specifically that contractors or state employees cannot be forced to testify or turn over records or reports even under a subpoena.

From the Australian periodical, The Age, reported in 2004 that dried blood samples taken from newborns in Victoria “are tested and stored by General Health Services Victoria, a company set up 16 years ago. It is paid and contracted by the State Government to do the tests, analyze and store the blood yet the private company believes’ it owns the samples and all the genetic information on them. The cards date from 1965.”

Basically every person born in Australia, U.S., U.K., Canada and numerous countries around the world are leaving their genetic code to the goodwill of the private companies. Due to recent biomedical advances, we are learning that our very DNA may be the property of a few private companies under Government watchdogs.  Source: Corbett Report: DNA Control Grid

The Supreme Court deemed Police swabbing legal to take DNA samples not just from convicted felons but from (anybody) arrested. “Like fingerprints or photographs it’s a legitimate police looking procedure that is reasonable under the fourth Amendment,” Justice Kennedy wrote for the courts 5 Justice majority. Justice Scalia warned us in saying, “Make no mistake because of today’s decision your DNA can be taken and entered into a National Database; if you are ever arrested rightly or wrongly and for whatever reason!” In other words the labs “could” manipulate the results to make you appear guilty.

Specious reasoning of the Police is to establish “identity”, it’s justified as helping law enforcement to solve crimes through genetic forensics by inputting that information into the DNA warehouse. The general public is oblivious to understanding the importance of our unique genetic code hidden in our blood library. The de-coding, profiling, charting and graphing is really weaving a “virtual diagram” whole body map; (more reliable and in-depth than fingerprints) to clarify the relationship of the parts as they come in. We are unwittingly giving up our freedom due to inevitable abuse. This information once intertwined with the NSA’s current collection of metta data could be seriously dangerous and hugely profitable if it fell into the wrong hands, like a Govt. Dictator.

Hank Greely Stanford Univ. Law & Genetics Prof. says about DNA. “There are new ramifications on it as Companies seek Patents on individual human genes to find profitable uses for DNA. It can determine if you are predisposed for certain diseases, (which could preclude you from certain jobs, sports and raise Ins. premiums). With DNA they can get down to the actual “gene”. Doctors say they can tell from genetic make-up who will most likely have tendencies to:  theft, murder, alcoholism, mental imbalance or be a Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Discovery of new genetic markers of DNA can lead to “inferences” being made about that person’s future health, behavior and relationships.

U.S. Congress passed GINA (Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act) in May 2008, to prevent employers from basing their hiring decision on genetic test results but remember no law is safe from Executive Privilege. There was Federal Legislation introduced by Mr. Obama when he was a Senator to create a National DNA database. He was planning on uniting Obamacare, DNA and NSA way back then.

Eventually, international DNA data sharing removes all Borders with mandated universal use of the Real ID card (instead of passports). Once international DNA Data gleaning is complete it will be linked into our NSA’s newly completed Million sq. ft. housing facility just for computers. From here it enterprisingly renders the reduced version a chip. Both India and China are currently using the Real ID card.

Why else would Justice Scalia warn us to beware and take notice of the freedom we just lost on this new path we are blindly racing down at warp speed?

To date the Government has: the NSA spying and recording our phone calls, our thoughts as we type them on the computer, all knowledge of credit card purchases, tracking devices installed in all clothing labels, our toll cards/easy passes, (courtesy, Daddy Nanny Mayor Bloomberg), our Medical records filed electronically under Obamacare, and our photo’s, fingerprints and now our very essence…Blood DNA.

They have cataloged a calculi profile of our every thought, habit, place we go and who we go with; through technological monitoring, filing and storage they characteristically prototype our life’s tapestry onto a grid. Much like a virtual” Frankenstein, continually being augmented as new data is derived and dissected at their disposal. Eventually they know us better than we know ourselves.

A woman’s mom is 105, thrown off her Ins. and is concerned that she won’t have coverage if the cancer comes back. Obama’s response: Maybe we just have to tell your mom that she’s better off not having the surgery. Just, you know, “take a painkiller.” It’s just gotta be a money thing. It’s do we have the money to spend on your 105-yr.-old mother? Is it better spent on someone in their 30’s who’s gonna live a long time after the treatment?

Obamacare isn’t fully operational yet or connected to NSA and he is already denying coverage like a Dictator.

With the final empirical information of DNA charting added to the mix… your pictures’ complete. You are now the Government’s slave and Mr. Obama officially owns YOU! They will decipher your past to make decisions for your future. Do you have an infamous background or a genetic disorder? They already know but It’s not about Health care anymore it’s about bottom lines…Money.

This same thinking could be applied to hinder your child from entrance to a certain College, Job, life-saving transplant or prosthetic. What is your child’s worth to the Govt.? It would be the Govt.’s call and this would be their evidence to deny your child his dream career or life-saving surgery. Remember the Govt. is not Loving Parent’s. It’s a gun of control to your head demanding money with no guarantees.

An obsequious navigator determines you don’t meet certain criteria according to your file: you voted incorrectly, you don’t have solar panels, you had a hidden gun, you aren’t politically correct, still drink soda and use salt so now you must be downgraded.

On your virtual grid he sees every detail of your life. There’s nowhere you can hide, he knows they own you. So, Mr./Ms. Politically incorrect, Conservative, Christian or Baby Boomer (too old), we don’t think you’re a candidate for that surgery. Just, you know, “take a painkiller.” Stamp his chart No transplant: Liver, Kidney or Heart. Sorry, we decide!    Access……DENIED!