The real Navy SEALs of Relativity’s shoot-’em-up “Act of Valor” are doing some real damage to the competition at this weekend’s box office: The R-rated action film took an estimated $9 million Friday and is on track to gross nearly $26 million for the weekend.

“Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds,” from Lionsgate, took about $5.4 million, and is looking at a weekend just short of $15 million — about $2 million below pre-release expectations, but still good enough to make it the No. 2 movie in North America.

The weekend’s other two new movies, Universal’s “Wanderlust” and Summit’s ‘Gone,” are seriously underperforming. “Wanderlust,” which received an unimpressive “B-” score from the audience polling firm Cinemascore, only took $2.2 million on Friday. It is expected to take around $6.2 million over the weekend.

“Gone,” which got a “C+” Cinemascore, managed only around $1.7 million on Friday and is looking at a $4.5 million weekend.

“Act of Valor” and “Good Deeds” each got “A” Cinemascores.

“Act of Valor” will be the lone movie to break $20 million this weekend. Last weekend, three movies — “Safe House,” “The Vow” and “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” cracked $20 million over three days. Over last week’s four-day Presidents Day weekend, five films exceeded $20 million.

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