Let me be clear on this topic: if you block the ads that appear on this and other conservative websites, you are aiding and abetting liberals who are determined to put these sites out of business. Liberals are doing their best to undermine conservative sites such as Patriot Update and they are using ad blocking to do it. Liberals detest web sites such as Patriot Update and the other sites in the Liberty Alliance Network for two reasons: 1) these sites are effective at shining the light of truth on liberal lies, distortions, and other forms of leftwing perfidy; and 2) these sites promote the beliefs upon which our great nation was founded but that are anathema to liberals—beliefs such as personal responsibility, individual liberty, accountability, hard work, limited government, low taxation, entrepreneurship, and patriotism. For this reason, liberals are determined to undermine the various conservative sites that fall under the corporate umbrella of Liberty Alliance; Patriot Update in particular.

It will come as no surprise to regular readers at Patriot Update that liberal trolls love to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to viciously attack our columns, the authors who write these columns, and conservatives like you who append comments to our columns. This, of course, is to be expected. Snakes bite because that is their only defense against humans who are better equipped physically than they are.  Correspondingly, liberals attack because that is their only defense against conservatives who are better equipped from the perspective of principles than they are. In a clash of values, ideas, and worldviews, conservatives have the advantages of truth, logic, reason, facts, and history on their side. Consequently, liberals are left with only one alternative for defending their indefensible views: attack the messenger. But liberals are no longer satisfied with just responding to conservative columns by adding their toxic, often profane comments. They are now going for the throat so to speak. How? By using ad blocking to attack the life blood of conservative sites: ad revenue.

Conservative websites are, at their core, businesses. Like all businesses they depend on specific revenue streams to stay in business. Conservative sites such as Patriot Update rely on the revenue from ads to generate the income necessary to employ the IT technicians, editors, and other personnel as well as the ever-changing technologies needed to generate, edit, and broadcast the articles you like to read and comment on. If liberals can stop or just minimize the cash flow of conservative websites, they can kill two birds with one stone. First, they can threaten the financial viability of the companies that own the sites and, by so doing, cause layoffs or even bankruptcies. If they can do this, liberals can—in turn—advance their broader agenda of suppressing free speech.

The fact that liberals have hit upon ad blocking as their latest anti-conservative strategy should come as no surprise. Ad blocking is just one more arrow in their quiver as liberals work to eliminate free speech in America. There is no surprise in any of this, or at least there shouldn’t be. After all liberals want to do more than just undermine conservative websites, they want to force them out of business. But what is surprising is the number of conservatives who unwittingly aid and abet liberals in draining the life blood from websites such as Patriot Update by joining liberals in blocking the ads that appear at these sites.

I fully understand that Internet ads can be distracting or even irritating. But putting up with a few ads is a small price to pay for helping conservative websites stay in the business of providing an antidote to the lies, distortions, and nefarious activities of liberals. Liberals dominate the mainstream media. Consequently, conservatives must rely on the Internet and talk radio to counteract the powerful, culture-shaping agenda of the left. By refusing to block ads at conservative websites, you become a warrior in the battle for truth in America, and our country needs as many conservative warriors as it can get.

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