Thirteen years into the 21st century, and here we are on the brink of re-fighting a war my father fought 60 years ago.

The difference this time is that Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s wannabe Napoleon, has the means to launch a nuclear attack on not only his neighbors but on U.S. territories, and probably the states themselves.

While he maneuvers one of the largest armies on Earth into position and makes sounds like he truly wants a war, our people who should be working overtime to prevent a war don’t seem to be taking this seriously.

Our ambassador to South Korea is posting blogs about his family vacation, Secretary of State John “I Shot Myself in Vietnam” Kerry is publicly contradicting the reports of our own intelligence agencies about North Korea’s capabilities, and the vice president and president are running around the country trying to drum up support to disarm the American populace.

The same week that the Senate Intelligence Committee admitted what everybody knew, that North Korea can launch a missile with a nuclear warhead, the Obama Administration has grounded a third of our Air Force squadrons as part of its “sequester cuts.” This is after the Administration declined to deploy the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman and other Navy warships.

(OK, pop quiz. The concept of the sequester cuts was created by President Obama. Obama has the power to determine what gets cut and by how much. The total cuts equal 0.3 percent of federal expenses. The military is facing cuts of up to an estimated 31 percent, the EPA less than 5 percent. Therefore, the weakening of our military capabilities is the fault of A) John Boehner, B) Rush Limbaugh, C) Sean Hannity, D) Sarah Palin, E) “The Black Helicopter Crowd,” F) Chick-fil-A owner Truett Cathy, G) the NRA, H) Tim Tebow, I) SQUIRREL! J) How ’bout that Beyonce, huh? K) anybody but President Obama.)

At the same time, this White House is increasing aid to “Syrian rebels” even after al-Qaida publicly acknowledged that the “rebels” are led by its own people. (Another, pop quiz, a test of your logic skills, especially if you call yourself a journalist: A) The Obama Administration is giving aid to the Syrian rebels; B) the Syrian rebels are members of al-Qaida; C) therefore, [fill in the blank].)

Our Administration has moved warships, anti-missile units and other weapons of war into the region, including a laser cannon developed for the Navy. (Good to know we’re relying on time-tested systems to stop the nutty North Korean.)

But the Shadow War being waged in the background is with Russia, which has been conducting exercises on how to take out U.S. anti-missile systems. Russia is a sponsor not only of North Korea, but Syria, so it goes into this staredown pre-annoyed at President Obama, who seems truly oblivious to the fact that his warmongering with al-Qaida mercenaries in the Muslim world could have upset anybody or even that it’s been noticed.

The Administration, of course, is aware what’s really going on, which partially explains its so-called tilt toward Asia policy. On some level, Obama understands that Russia under Vladimir Putin could mop the floor with him, so he looks to China as an ally to cover him while he proceeds with plans to reduce the U.S. to “one of the boys” in the United Nations world club.

The trouble is, as North Korea threatens and Asia’s sun rises, Obama remains hell-bent on making sure America’s sun goes down.