Throughout the world, in the pursuit of “diversity”, preferences on the basis of race, sexual preference and gender have been encouraged in education and the workplace.

And yet individual achievement should be the sole determinant of your success. Your merit.

It’s what America was founded on. Diversity is not America’s glue; American achievement is.

Originally conceived as a means to redress discrimination, affirmative action has instead promoted it. And rather than fostering harmony and integration, affirmative action divides a society. Much the same way multiculturalism does.

This is no accident.

The forces behind both multiculturalism and affirmative action are cut from the same PC-cloth. And their ambitions with both agendas are the identical: divide, and create a hostile and uncomfortable environment for the silent majority, and engender a ‘victim’ and complaints mentality of which the government is central.

But it is not only the silent majority that is affected.

Through the unfair and arbitrary nature of affirmative action, even minorities can be punished: why should the under-qualified son of a black doctor displace the qualified daughter of a Vietnamese boat refugee?

In Australia, unless you are Aboriginal or Muslim, or belong to some other perceived minority, your opportunities for recognition are limited. If you are an intelligent, white male looking for assistance or mentorship, you are considered unworthy of support. Rather than further build the strong and transform them into the exceptional, the culture tries to strengthen the weak but in the process weakens the strong, and divides the community. Clearly, they have never studied Abraham Lincoln.

Not to mention the tragic and unfair reality that, wherever affirmative action is in play, the genuine achievements of “minority” students or employees are considered suspect.

It is difficult to imagine a policy more anathematic to American culture or founding than affirmative action.

Americans should vote with their hearts overwhelmingly in the affirmative to ditch a divisive and unfair policy.

It must always believe and know that in America, each person can rise above the circumstances of their birth and achieve whatever it is they wish to achieve.