Many in the past have said that they would defy the federal government. But, time and again, like an addict feening for a hit, they come crawling back for their money. The federal government has become to the states (now cities as well it seems) a pimp drug dealer. The states do not want to have to give in to the demands, but they are hooked on what the feds give them.

This has been the part of Conservative Governors to play for years, now we see that the liberals are just as hooked. They will not be able to stand the pressure because they cannot pay their bills.

And the federal government is threatening to cut off their supply if they do not comply.

Breitbart reports

Monday at the White House press briefing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned municipalities that have implemented the policy of sanctuary cities, which he described as making “our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the streets.”

Sessions said, “According to one recent poll, 80 percent of
Americans believe that cities that make arrests — that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to immigration authorities. Unfortunately, some states and cities have adopted policies designed to frustrate this enforcement of immigration laws. This includes refuses to detain known felons under federal detainer requests or otherwise failing to comply with these laws.

What this will mean is that the larger cities that want to determine their own laws concerning immigration (power that is expressly given over to the federal government in the Constitution) will have to foot the bill for their own law enforcement.

Breitbart continued

He added, “Today, I am urging states and local jurisdictions to comply with these federal laws, including 8 U.S.C. Section 1373. Moreover, the Department of Justice will require that jurisdictions seeking or applying for Department of Justice grants to certify compliance with 1373 as a condition of receiving those awards. This policy is entirely consistent with the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs guidance that was issued just last summer under the previous administration. This guidance requires state and local jurisdictions to comply and certify compliance with Section 1373 in order to be eligible for OJP grants. It also made clear that failure to remedy violations could result in withholding grants, termination of grants, and disbarment or ineligibility for future grants.”

The funny thing is, that if the same attitude were expressed by conservative mayors about abortion, these liberals would be calling for the National Guard to swoop in and remove the leaders from office.

As badly as some of these cities are run, these grants might just sink them. Time will tell.