As the globalists’ fear continues to pile up in the dawn of the Trump presidency, many are growing desperate to maintain their grip on their purported societal catastrophes.

global warming

Al Gore is once again peddling faulty science and alarmism at a global warming conference in Atlanta.

Al Gore, of course, is one of the most prolific of the global government schemers, having concocted an entirely new take on the global warming hoax with his film “An Inconvenient Truth” – a thinly veiled attempt to sell guilt-trip carbon credits through his own company.  Now, as times grow dark for the globalist agenda, Gore has hastily begun a new campaign of disinformation regarding climate change, and is frantically yapping until someone listens.

“A climate change meeting in Atlanta on Thursday had all the ingredients of a political spectacle.

“With Donald Trump, a noted skeptic of climate change science winning the the White House, a nervous federal agency scrapped plans to host the event. Enter, Al Gore. The former Democratic presidential candidate helped revive the conference and took to the podium Thursday to talk about his signature issue.

“But it was science – not politics – that carried the day.

“In the climate and health meeting held at The Carter Center, Gore steered clear of mentioning Trump. Instead, he stressed that climate changes could render parts of the Middle East – including some of the holiest cities on the planet – uninhabitable. It could also cause deadly health problems and reduce life expectancy. Those in poverty will be hardest hit, he said.

“The event was supposed to be a three-day conference held at the Centers for Disease Control. But when that event was cancelled following the presidential election, Gore helped organize a condensed, one-day meeting instead.”

Gore’s insistence on ad nauseam global warming conversation has grown tiresome in recent years, as the free press has been eager to share the conclusions of a new wave of scientists who refute Gore’s claims, far away from the liberally-controlled echo chambers of the mainstream media.

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