Me, Chris Cassone, Pamela Gellar  CPAC 2011

Me, Chris Cassone, Pamela Gellar CPAC 2011

I’ve been in the Tea Party movement since the beginning in 2009, three years now.  I have never met a White Supremacist, or a KKK person, or a person who would wear a swastika, or be in any group with the word “socialist” in it.

My friend Chris is seen at 18.35 minutes in this story of exaggeration and lies.

This piece of Aljazeera propaganda was brought to my attention by my Tea Party friend Chris Cassone.  They took his song, “Take It Back” and twisted it’s meaning into something evil.  I’m so angry.  Here I am an eye witness to how the media lies.  I wrote the foreword to Cassone’s book, “Take It Back,” which chronicles his journey from hippie to conservative.  The last thing a conservative would do is hate, or use violence or kill.  Conservatives, Tea Partiers place their beliefs on the foundation of the Ten Commandments and the Biblical principles of love.

How dare the media misrepresent, lie, and attempt to destroy the character of a wonderful patriot.  This is what we are up against in this spiritual battle of good verses evil.

If Aljazeera wants racism to end, why don’t they do an expose on President Obama who has praised, followed and exemplified every racist leader from his precious Professor Derrick Bell to his spiritual advisor Rev. Jeremiah Wright?  Why doesn’t Aljazeera do a story on Obama’s continual  incitement of racial conflict,  his ignoring of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, and his anti-white cop statements during the Crowley-Gates affair; the racist quotes in his autobiography, his dissing of Imus, and his praising of Malcolm X.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson suggests “Obama hates the white man and that is the reasoning behind his redistribution of wealth.

Where does Aljazeera film? Why did I see it on my TV recently? I did not order it from my cable company. I heard Hilary Clinton praise Aljazeera. Now, I know why.