Ever wonder why a dirt-bag like The Reverend Al Sharpton has not yet felt the weight of the long arm of the law? On Monday it became less of a mystery. It isn’t much of a stretch to believe that Sharpton is a liar and race pimp of the worst kind. He does little that does not benefit him directly. Now the good “Reverend” has fresh bullet points to add to his CV; shakedown artist and rabble-rouser extraordinaire, it turns out that Sharpton was also tightly bound to the mob and subsequently agreed to be “flipped” by the FBI to save his own, glossy hide.

Widespread conviction that Sharpton puts the most repellant, two-faced weasel to shame is well founded but such accusations are serious. Too bad, then, that The Smoking Gun can prove it. The Smoking Gun is in possession of hundreds of pages of documentation, FBI files, depositions, affidavits and DEA reports verifying Sharpton’s activities. On Monday The Smoking Gun released a multi-page exposé, chronicling Sharpton’s 30-year expansion into the underworld and his corresponding gelding once he became an FBI informant. Sharpton didn’t turn snitch in his zeal to become a good citizen; the FBI bluffed him with the threat of prosecution. Sharpton, despite his trademark, sanctimonious protestations that he’d stood tough, had, in fact, folded like a cheap suit. As recently as Monday, in a stellar illustration of liberal “I-say-so-and-that-makes-it true wishful thinking, Sharpton stubbornly refuted every allegation that he was ever an informant, despite previously having admitted to less damaging accusations. But The Smoking Gun had the goods and called his bluster: “If Sharpton’s account is to be believed, he was simply a concerned citizen who voluntarily (and briefly) joined arm-in-arm with federal agents, perhaps risking peril in the process. The other explanation for Sharpton’s cooperation–one that has uniformly been offered by knowledgeable law enforcement agents–presents the reverend in a less noble light. Worried that he could face criminal charges, Sharpton opted for the path of self-preservation and did what the FBI asked…In fact, Sharpton fell for the FBI ruse and agreed to cooperate, a far-reaching decision he made without input from a lawyer, according to sources.

Sharpton had tentacles deep into organized crime. He is inextricably linked with the Genovese and Gambino crime families. Sharpton grassed for the FBI when confronted with those associations. Sharpton even had an FBI code name, CI-7. The Smoking Gun reports: “Genovese squad investigators–representing both the FBI and NYPD–recalled how Sharpton…deftly extracted information from wiseguys. In fact, one Gambino crime family figure became so comfortable with the protest leader that he spoke openly–during ten wired face-to-face meetings–about a wide range of mob business, from shylocking and extortions to death threats…Sharpton’s briefcase–a specially customized Hartman model–recorded his every word.”

Sharpton was not only useful in mob investigations. His assistance extended to investigations into the seamy side of the sports and music industries, gathering evidence from the likes of Don King and James Brown. Reverend-talk-tough was also passed around by the FBI to other agencies, like a $10 hooker, from the mid- 1980’s on: “… In addition to aiding the FBI/NYPD task force…Sharpton’s cooperation extended to several other investigative agencies.”

Sharpton has now become, in his own words, “a refined agitator.” This metamorphosis comes as a result of his close ties to The Lyin’ King. The Smoking Gun states: “the ‘new’ Sharpton’s public prominence and West Wing access is bewildering considering that his history, mob ties included, could charitably be described as checkered. In fact, Obama has banished others guilty of lesser transgressions (see: Wright, Jeremiah)” Sharpton’s “checkered past” includes use of epithets like “faggot” and “homo,” derision of Jews, engineering the Tawana Brawly hoax, responsibility for seven dead at Freddie’s Fashion Mart not to mention, according to Breitbart, Sharpton’s multi-million dollar tax evasions and personally extorting corporations, in order to gouge large “contributions” for his shady “charities.”

Sharpton’s tight link to the White House is serious. Eric Holder’s DOJ had reported Sharpton’s criminal ties to the White House prior to The Lyin’ King’s last inauguration; at which The Rev was seated in a place of honor. He appeared on the dais, in front of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Smoking Gun continued: “The former mob snitch has become a regular in the White House…He has also attended Obama Christmas parties, speeches, policy announcements, and even watched a Super Bowl with the First Family…During these gatherings, he has mingled with cabinet members, top Obama aides, military leaders, business executives, and members of Congress.” Truth Revolt added on Monday that: “President Obama is lending his political support to fellow community organizer Al Sharpton by headlining the MSNBC host’s National Action Network (NAN) conference this week in New York. Obama’s choice to headline the conference underscores the close ties of the two leaders and provides an increased sense of political legitimacy to the controversial leader…”

Why shouldn’t The Lyin’ King promote his bosom buddy? They are both textbook “community organizers” and “controversial” leaders. Sharpton hasn’t done anything that The Lyin’ King himself hasn’t executed himself…BO’s just done things on a much grander scale.