Two states — Michigan and Alabama — are jointly leading the nation in the difficult race to force down unemployment rates.

Both states have reduced their unemployment rates by 2 points since last March, putting them well ahead of most other states, such as California (down 0.7 points), Florida (down 1.7 points) or Nevada (down 1.6 points).

But President Barack Obama has ignored Alabama’s recovery while repeatedly boosting Michigan, whose unemployment rate of 8.5 percent is well above the 7.3 percent rate in Alabama.

In fact, Obama has boosted Michigan with his massive multi-billion dollar auto bailout, and hampered Alabama with lawsuits.

Obama directed his lawyers in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division to halt a major element of Alabama’s unemployment reduction program — the popular and bipartisan immigration reform law that requires residents to show work eligibility, which has opened up many jobs to Alabama residents since June 2011.


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