Excellent! We’re getting closer and closer everyday. But we still need to do more.
Check it out:

Two more states have joined the fight to preserve liberty in America! Alabama Rep. Ken Johnson, along with 32 other Alabama representatives, filed the COS application in the Alabama House of Reps. on January 16. A few weeks prior, New Mexico Rep. Yvette Herrell pre-filed the COS application in her state on January 2.

COS Alabama State Director Joseph Bryan Read had this to say about the effort in his state:

“The Alabama Convention of States Team is excited about the progress made in the state of Alabama to move forward a resolution in the Alabama State House to apply for a Convention of States under Article V of the US Constitution. Our Alabama COS District Captains have done an excellent job communicating with our elected state representatives and assisting them in understanding the process and answering questions. We are also appreciative of the Alabama state representatives who are moving the process forward. They did so in a way that was fair, meticulous, and analytical. This is only the first step forward. We will continue to inform and gain new supporters each and every day.”

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