A new poll of voters in Virginia, a key swing state, shows that President Obama is widening his lead in a hypothetical matchup with Mitt Romney. Romney’s big problem: women. 

While the focus in the GOP primary battle Tuesday is all on Illinois – where polls point to Mitt Romney having a large lead over Rick Santorum – another poll released Tuesday has a less favorable message for Mr. Romney.

This one comes from Virginia. A new Quinnipiac poll of the state pitted Romney against President Obama in a hypothetical matchup – and has him losing badly.

The 50 to 42 percent lead that the poll gives Mr. Obama is the biggest margin yet over Romney in a key swing state that Quinnipiac has been polling regularly.

Moreover, having Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell as a hypothetical running mate doesn’t help him much. In that matchup, Obama still wins, 50 to 43 percent.

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