In a widely circulated message Hollywood liberal, Alec Baldwin, asserted that “If Obama was white he’d be up by 17 points” (in presidential preference polls).  I usually just ignore the comments of Hollywood liberals as the inane rhetoric of intellectually-challenged people who confuse stardom with substance. But Baldwin’s comment is so far out of bounds that it requires a rebuttal.  Let me state that rebuttal clearly: If Barack Obama was white he would never have been elected president in the first place, nor would he have a chance of being re-elected.  The demographics of his supporters in 2008 and his current strong showing in the polls—when one considers his record—make it clear that race is not just an asset for President Obama, it is his principle asset.

The breakdown of how groups voted in 2008 tells the story of Obama’s election.  He received 95 percent of the votes of blacks, 67 percent of Hispanics, 62 percent of Asians, and 66 percent of “others.” What white candidate could have captured 95 percent of the black vote and so disproportionate a percentage of the overall minority vote?  In interviews subsequent to the 2008 election, black and white voters could be heard proudly proclaiming that they voted for Barack Obama primarily because he is black. White independents voted for Barack Obama in sufficiently high numbers to ensure his election because they thought electing him would help mitigate America’s racial past and bridge the racial divide.  Even blacks who did not like Obama or his liberal policies have stated in interviews that they voted for him because of the historical significance of finally having a black man in the White House who is not a member of the staff.  It should be clear to even his most ardent supporters that if Barack Obama had been anything but a black candidate, he would have lost the election in 2008.

Obama’s race also partially explains his current standing in the polls.  Consider President Obama’s dismal record.  He has: 1) amassed a federal debt so large that our great grandchildren will still be paying for it, 2) forced a healthcare bill through Congress that will increase the cost of medical care while simultaneously decreasing its quality and will bankrupt Medicare, 3) lost $90 million on foolish “investments” in alternative energy ventures that are a long way from commercial viability, 4) appeared so weak in his foreign policy that terrorist mobs have no fear of murdering American embassy personnel and trashing our embassies, 5) angered the Jewish community with his anti-Israeli stance on the Palestinian issue, 6) allowed America’s credit rating to be downgraded, 7) put the economy on life support with his misguided economic policies, 8) oversaw a stubbornly persistent high unemployment rate and then tried to hide the fact by manipulating the statistics, 9) used our military services for leftist social experiments, and 10) undercut the viability of our military through massive budget cuts and additional planned cuts.

In short, Barack Obama has an abysmal record as president. In fact, he actually makes Jimmy Carter look good.  With his record, if President Obama happened to be white not only would he not be 17 points up in the polls as suggested by Alec Baldwin, he would be 17 points down, or more.  To suggest that Mitt Romney has been able to stay close with President Obama in the polls because he is white is a statement that should be enshrined in Ripley’s Believe it or Not under the category of world’s biggest whoppers.  Turn Mr. Baldwin’s twisted logic around and you will find the truth: If Mitt Romney were black, he would lead in the polls by 50 points.  We would not even need an election.  America would anoint him president.