About 6 months ago I wrote an article about meeting PJTV star AlfonZo Rachel at an event; I was embarrassingly giddy, as I was in subsequent interviews with him.

These days, my husband and I consider AlfonZo and his lovely wife Carrie dear friends and I have finally learned to keep my gushing down to a more comfortable level of respect.  But seriously–if you’ve seen any of Zo’s amazing videos you’ll understand why I’m so impressed with him, and his latest is one of his best.

My husband recently went to a concert with Zo and Carrie (I was sick and couldn’t make it) and told me about the video, in which AlfonZo went straight into the hornet’s nest in downtown LA and interviewed a group of protesting liberals.

The difference is that these liberals were protesting against Obama, who was in town drumming up money via fundraisers.

Zo asked them all the right questions—including why they don’t consider themselves racists for protesting Obama yet they constantly charge the Tea Party with racism for doing the same thing.  After watching, I told Zo the video made me happy, sad and mad all at the same time.

Here’s the video which has unfortunately caused me to once again teeter back toward giddiness for the great AlfonZo Rachel.