In a wide-ranging and sometimes contentious interviewwith Michel Martin of NPR, GOP Congressman Allen West discussed his time in Congress, his adverse relationship with the media, and his tough re-election defeat. He also dropped a surprising analogy at the end of the interview that may portend a future run for higher office.

Most of the interview is a must-read, but West’s exposition of his difficult re-election campaign is of particular interest:


I’m saying when you sit up and call a 22-year veteran – look. My father served in World War II, my brother in Vietnam. My nephew currently serves. And you’re going to call me a war criminal? I don’t think that’s a proper thing to bring up. And I don’t think that that was part of, you know, what should’ve been the fair, open, and honest debate about issues and political discourse. Well, there was also a credo SuperPAC that came down from San Francisco, and this is what some of the people that were out walking neighborhoods, these people were spreading rumors that I beat my wife.

West was also asked who the Congressmen he would miss most were – and provided some surprising answers.

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