My story has not yet been fully written and it is certainly not in the hands of those who seek to denigrate, defeat, and disrespect me, my family and my reputation.

It was a true honor and pleasure to speak this past weekend at General Tommy Franks’ Four Star Leadership seminar dinner and the Western Conservative Summit in Denver. Of course there is one question that continues to be asked, “will you run for president?” Well, I must be honest, I really don’t miss the arena of lies, deceit, and incompetence known as American politics. So let me share some thoughts.

I sat back and watched the horrific treatment of Herman Cain in the 2012 election cycle when it seemed he was a viable threat to the political status quo. The attacks, lies, and accusations that were levied against him were harmful. But it’s a funny thing, as soon as he dropped out, you heard nothing else. Or we can go back and review the “high tech lynching” of Justice Clarence Thomas and how that played out on the public stage. I weathered my own personal attacks 2012, including a TV ad of me with a gold tooth punching white women — and folks thought it was funny.

Politics in America has become the playground of those who will use personal attacks in lieu of serious debate on issues, policy, and solutions. Just look at the hate-filled ads against Mitt Romney.

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