Liberals have had much to celebrate in recent years. Things have certainly been going their way. But lately things have begun to change, if only slightly. I was just a teenager when liberals begin their ascension in American politics. It all started in the 1960s when it became the rage to light up, turn on, and drop out. College students of this era rejected everything about America their parents believed in. “Down with the establishment” became one of the more popular slogans of the day. The fact that it was the so-called establishment that had preserved the American way of life during World War II and was currently fighting a cold war against communist tyranny meant nothing to the narcissistic generation of left wing radicals that sprang up in the 1960s.

This self-absorbed, incredibly naïve generation gave rise to the liberal politicians who now hold the White House and the United States Senate. Unfortunately, the leftist ideas that were so appealing to the hippy generation began to permeate American society and the politicians it produced. As a result, America began a downhill slide during the 1960s—morally and economically—that continues to this day. However, there is a glimmer of hope peaking through the dark clouds of destructive leftist thought. Increasingly, Americans are questioning and even rejecting the snake oil liberals are selling.

Socialism appealed to misguided members of the hippy generation, in part because they never had to live in a socialist system and in part because they favored the philosophical and theoretical over the practical and factual. The free market was one of those establishment concepts rejected by budding liberals in the 1960s. That rejection and their infatuation with socialism eventually led to passage of the Affordable Care Act—the American version of socialized medicine and one of the most egregiously misnamed pieces of legislation ever forced through Congress. Liberals thought they had finally won a long-awaited victory when President Obama slammed the AFA down America’s throat, but it turns out their self-congratulatory preening was premature. Even after four years of public relations work and millions of promotional dollars spent trying to sell Obamacare to the American public, 59 percent of Americans disapprove of it, and that figure has remained steady for years.

The public’s response to Obamacare is the quintessential example of Americans rejecting a liberal idea, but it is hardly the only example. One of the left’s most sacred of sacred cows since the 1960s has been legal abortion. Liberals have worked hard to lull the American public into accepting abortion as nothing more than a woman exercising freedom of choice over her own body. Of course liberals scrupulously avoid the hard truth that choice as applied in the abortion debate means choosing to brutally murder an innocent unborn child. For decades abortion advocates have had things their way. Fortunately that is changing. The number of Americans who believe abortion should never be an option or, at the very least, should be severely limited is growing. That number now stands at 58 percent, the highest it has been in decades.

For liberals, cohabitation, fatherless families, same-sex marriage, and other concepts that have undermined the traditional family structure are also sacred cows. But even these widely practiced concepts are beginning to lose favor with Americans. The number of Americans who believe it is “very important” for children to grow up with both parents is now 62 percent and growing. Those who believe it is important for children to grow up with both parents are not talking about two same-sex parents. They are expressing their support for the traditional American family in which a mother and a father remain together and raise their children in an atmosphere of love and caring.

The percentage of Americans who trust liberal politicians is also falling. President Obama’s approval rating is about as low as was Harry Truman’s the day after he fired General MacArthur and President Nixon’s during the height of the Watergate affair. His approval rating has dropped in large measure because many Americans believe he lied to them about Obamacare and that he continues to lie to them. His heir apparent (according to Democrats) fares little better. More than 50 percent of Americans say they do not believe Hillary Clinton has been truthful in her testimony about the Benghazi tragedy.

The examples cited in this column represent small leaks in the dike. But never forget that small leaks in a dike just get bigger and bigger until the dike finally breaks. The dike that has propped up liberal thinking for decades had not yet broken through, but it springs another leak every day. If this keeps up, conservatives may once again regain the top of the political hill. A good measure of how long that will actually take will be the mid-term Congressional elections in 2014. The growing disenchantment with liberal ideas bodes badly for Democrats if conservatives will turn out and vote.