Most PLCR’s hold close to Progressive philosophical and political thought that has its basis in “Post Modern” thought, primarily those of the German school of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, with Nietzsche, Heidegger, Hegel and Kierkegaard having the most influence. More recently, Sol Alinsky and his book, “Rules for Radicals” has provided guidance in strategy.
Post Modernism (PM) began as a backlash against and rejection of the philosophy and political thinking of the Enlightenment, Positivism and Natural Law of classical philosophy. PM’s believe there is no absolute truth. PM’s deconstructs the belief in a “Creator” or God; as declared by Nietzsche: “God is dead.” Truth and knowledge are relative to the historical epoch in which one finds oneself, and is acquired through conversations or “meta-narratives”. PM’s require a nihilistic devaluation of the values and morals one is brought up with, and then re-defining their values and morals to those one wishes to have instead. Without a solid, eternal source of absolute truth, it is easy to see how this belief system easily degrades to the Godless Existentialism of Jean Paul Sarte, where despair and meaninglessness are essential to the human condition. PM’s believe that one is free to choose one’s own values, and to create one’s own moral identity. With these as influencers to the belief system of PLCR’s, one can get a better understanding of why violence, the unlawful disregard for the property of others and the immoral/inhuman acts that occur in the latest rallies and marches sponsored by the left.
Sol Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals” encourages a mob type confrontation that does not preclude the use of violence in order to force social change. Alinsky used these community organizing tactics in Syracuse, New York against the Eastman Kodak Company and the City of Syracuse, and against the Chicago Board of Education. Alinsky’s tactics severely damaged the Kodak Company, which ultimately led to the loss of many of the jobs he intended to support. It is instructive to note that Alinsky dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals”, to Lucifer (the devil). Why is it, one might ask, that rallies held by PLCR’s often turn violent and those of the CCR’s do not? The answer can be found in the belief systems held by the respective groups.
CCR’s belief system on the other hand, embrace the tenets of the very belief system PLCR’s reject. CCR’s continue to base their beliefs on the “Modern”, “Enlightened” teachers and teachings of the Founding Fathers. Most CCR’s have and adhere to Judeo/Christian moral standards; therefore, God is not dead! They do believe there is an Absolute truth, or as George Washington was fond of stating, “Divine Providence.” CCR’s beliefs are the very ones the PLCR’s wish to destroy by their nihilistic processes of devaluation and deconstruction. It is no wonder why these two movements are diametrically opposed to one another. The CCR’s belief system of morals and values based on Judeo-Christian principles exert internal controls to behave in socially acceptable ways during rallies and marches. CCR’s desire to live virtuously, according to the virtues and values our Founding Fathers told us are required to prevent their new experiment in “self-government” from degrading into tyranny. This would, in large part,
apparently explain why CCR’s rallies and marches remain peaceful and respectful of property. Thus we see another, more fundamental, way in which the “house is divided by itself.”
Are we reaching a point in history where the words of Lincoln echo back to us, paraphrased here: The Nation will not be able to stand, unless it becomes one, or the other? Will it require another civil war in order to resolve itself? One could say that the war has already begun. PCLR’s have been attacking from within by getting a strangle hold on the educational system, from the University on down. Atheist groups and the ACLU have been very successful in tearing down symbols of Judeo-Christianity, with new battles occurring seemingly every day. Activist courts and judges, such as the Ninth Circuit Court, are constantly creating law that otherwise would not be passed by the legislature.
Is it time to declare that the Progressive Experiment that began with Teddy Roosevelt in 1910 is destroying America and the American way of life? Yes, it is!
Is there a peaceful way back?  Yes, there is!
However, time is short. It would require challenging PLCR’s at the voter box. PLCR’s need to be voted out of office and replaced with authentic CCR’s who are willing to work to get the Nation on the way back to Constitutional restoration. Just as there are Republican PLCR’s, there are also Conservative, Libertarian, Democrat and Independent CCR’s, though the vast majority of CCR’s are Republicans. So, if the choices are between a PLCR Democrat and a CCR Democrat, help the CCR Democrat get elected.
It also requires more Americans to be awakened from the sleep lulled by the PLCR’s. CCRs need to be more active now than ever in helping grass roots efforts to get the CCR message to their friends, family and neighbors. Also CCR’s needs to work tirelessly to help with get out the vote efforts for CCR candidates. The elections of 2010 saw a surge of grass roots support primarily due to the efforts of the Tea Parties to get out the vote. As a result, many Tea Party supported candidates were elected to office. The Republicans took back the House of Representatives, several State governorships, and took back control of several State houses of legislature. While the 2012 election was purported to be about jobs and the economy, it was also about ideology: the CCR’s vs. the PLCR’s. – Continued in Part Three