Cars run on energy.

But so do world affairs.

The United States is so fortunate. It has the solution to most of its, and the world’s problems. More than that, it has the solution very close by. Right under their feet, actually.

What is it?

Energy independence!

I believe America should be the energy arbiter of the world.

It’s combined energy resources are the largest on earth.

For its own sake, as well as that of the world, America must gain energy independence by exploiting its substantial oil and natural gas reserves.

What will this accomplish? It will bring it economic prosperity, while weakening the influence of aggressive actors in the global theater.

So, why hasn’t it happened? The theology of environmentalism. You see, the pursuit of energy independence this way does not advance the liberal agenda, but green energy is both unaffordable and unnecessary.

With the boom in recent times of shale oil, it appears this nation is on the right track.

Americans should jump at a solution so easily within their literal grasp. It weakens the bad guys, and strengthens the ultimate good guy- America.

Frack, baby, frack.