If you listen to liberals, the greatest danger in this world is not terrorism, communism or creeping tyranny.

No, the real jeopardy to everyone around the globe comes from “American exceptionalism.”

That was the theme of a talk recently given by a local college professor.

His point was that believing America is the greatest country on the planet leads to imperialist ambitions and fuels wars and other turmoil around the world.

One of the many reasons liberals can’t understand conservatives is the strange notion liberals have that being humble means tearing down and belittling your country.

You can see the attitude in many of the Left’s policies: We need to increase government handouts because people are helpless and require a federal nanny to look after them; we have to restrict guns because citizens can’t be trusted to handle a weapon responsibly; we need more federal regulations because the states aren’t qualified to decide what should go on in their own territories.

The current occupiers of the White House, Congress and Supreme Court fairly ooze this sort of attitude. What liberals see as humility is really just a twisted form of false pride. The Left sets itself up as judge and jury, conferring upon itself moral and intellectual superiority beyond that of the masses of humanity.

Any rational look at our nation’s history can’t help but acknowledge the many mistakes we have made: slavery, the three-fifths compromise, the Trail of Tears, socialism, growth of the welfare state, political corruption, to name a very few.

Our mistakes aren’t the sole measure of our country, though. There have been many more defining moments: the abolition of slavery, defeat of National Socialism and communism, landing on the moon, leading the world in scientific and medical research, again naming just a few.

Liberalism denies or ignores the countless achievements of America that have benefited her citizens and the entire world.

Like any human endeavour, America is imperfect and suffers from rampant contradictions, but it remains the only country founded on principles of individual liberty. Other countries have embraced some of those ideas in our founding documents certainly, but only America “holds these truths to be self-evident.”

It’s not our history that makes us the greatest nation on the planet, it’s our potential and our promise. America, more than any nation, has it in her to become a beacon of liberty for the entire world. It’s a work in progress, but an important one.

Liberalism smothers that light and left to its devices would snuff it out completely. The liberal vision is of a world in which America is just “one of the boys,” one country among many, controlled by a pseudo-intellectual elite clinging to a stifling Marxist view of “equality.”

The real future of America, if we could only be true to our natures, is to create a world in which every man and woman is equally free to explore their own potential and pursue their personal happiness.

If we could only stop this persistent liberal navel gazing, shake off the crushing weight of the nanny state and break the chains of self-imposed bondage, America could get back to becoming what it was intended to be, an example for all humanity and the best hope of mankind.