There are days when I don’t recognize my country any more. The America of today is not the America I grew up in. Some days I feel like Winston Churchill who, in the aftermath of World War I, despaired of his country’s future. Churchill said: “What a disappointment the 20th Century has been. How terrible and how melancholy is the disastrous series of events that have darkened its first 20 years.” I often find myself feeling the same way about the first 14 years of the 21st Century. Don’t get me wrong. As long as man has inhabited the earth there has been selfishness, brutality, envy, greed, and all of the other sins. Man’s sinful behavior began in the Garden, not in the 20th Century or the 21st. However, I can remember an America in which a sense of decency, honor, and dignity were, if not the norm, at least the goal. I find myself doubting if that is the case any longer.

Think about a typical day in America. A young student brings a knife to school and begins stabbing and slashing classmates for no apparent reason. A man who is angry at his supervisor brings a gun to work and kills him. A youth mob breaks into a jewelry store, smashes through the glass counter, and makes off with thousands of dollars worth of precious stones, silver, and gold in broad daylight. Shoppers camp out all night to be first in line to buy a newly-released version of Air-Jordan basketball shoes. Before the night is over there are numerous fights, assaults, and knifings among those in line. When the doors finally open in the morning the customers stampede the store doing thousands of dollars in damage.

Politicians regularly stand before microphones dripping artificial tears as they admit to drug use, financial crimes, and sexual affairs. Women marry women and men marry men. Open homosexuality in the military is not just condoned but celebrated. Drugs are so widely grown, manufactured, distributed, and used in America that they account for a black-market economy that exceeds the economies of some nations. Christianity is virtually banned from the public square, while America’s president bows to the leaders of Islam. People who speak out on behalf of traditional Christian values are vilified, belittled, and fired from their jobs. Elected officials purposefully stir up racial division and incite class envy for political gain.  Children watch programs on prime-time television that would have been rated “X” in another era. I could go on, but you get the point.

What do all of these examples have in common? First, they represent the new normal in America. We don’t even raise an eyebrow anymore when these things happen because they are so common. Second, they are evidence that America has turned away from God and is paying the price for having done so. It has become not just acceptable but fashionable in America to attack Christians and everything we stand for. Every day in this world innocent people are blown up, murdered, or brutalized by radical adherents of Islam, yet America goes out of its way to accommodate Muslims while vilifying Christians.

In Detroit a father of a school child complains that an egg hunt—an American tradition for more than 100 years—is insulting to him as a Muslim. Instead of telling the man that if he finds American customs insulting perhaps he should move to another country, weak-kneed public school officials actually take his demands seriously. Not only this. These same public school officials have bent over backwards to accommodate the daily prayers, foot washing, and other demands of Muslim students, but let a Christian child bring a Bible to school and he will be expelled. In contemporary America, the only people who can be discriminated against without fear of reprisal are Christians.

God gave us the Ten Commandments to provide a moral structure for our lives and so we could live together in ways that in addition to honoring Him are good for individuals and society. But we have cast aside His teachings including the Ten Commandments as if they never existed, replacing them with moral relativity—an idiotic notion that claims there are no absolute rights and wrongs. Right and wrong are, according to moral relativists—you guessed it—relative. Each individual must come to his own determination of what is right and wrong. Moral relativism is a convenient philosophy for Godless people. It gives them cover for living corrupt lives, lives that are not only self-destructive but are also destructive to society in general.

Consider how different contemporary American society would be if: we worshipped the God of the Bible instead of setting ourselves up as gods; we placed no other gods above the real God; we stopped worshipping false idols like money and power; we stopped misusing the name of God (this includes the worst crooks of all—those who use the name of God to prey on naïve, defenseless people for money, sex, and other nefarious purposes); children honored their mothers and fathers; people stopped murdering each other; marriages were no longer destroyed by adultery; we could leave our homes, cars, and vaults unlocked without having our possessions stolen; people could be counted on to tell the truth; and we did not covet the wealth or good fortune of others. Impossible you say. Perhaps you are right, but only because America has turned away from God.