With America and China battling it out on the medal tally, and assertions by the world media of the inevitability of Chinese supremacy in the world, rivalry between the two is moving forward at record pace. Amidst accusations of Chinese doping, the Chinese hit out at the Americans during the swimming, saying “The Americans are very bad, they do a lot of evil.”

A match-up for a gold medal between the two national sides for any sporting event at this Olympics may not happen. But if it did, this is the locker-room speech that a US Olympics Coach should give his team before such an event in London:

Our time has arrived. The moment each of you has dreamed of is here.

Tonight we play for the gold medal. You’re on the edge of glory.

I’m proud of each of you, and so is your country. Some of you hail from big cities; others of you from towns so small you can’t even find them on the map.

Your journey has been long, hard, and full of setbacks and triumphs. You’ve wept in disappointment and screamed in elation. And your families and churches and neighborhoods have shared every moment with you. They’ve sacrificed and in some cases, gave you money they didn’t have. Because they believed. Believed in you. Believed in your dream. Believed in their country.

Today, you are the role models of your communities. Right now, thousands of miles away, people you know in places you know are huddled around televisions ready to watch you take this game.

This is where you need to remember who you are and where you come from. Each of you has worn your shirt knowing that what’s on the front is much more important than what is on the back. You don’t just play for yourself; you play for the United States of America.

Tonight we play China.

Now, I don’t put much stock in politics. It’s not my deal. I don’t like and never have. I do sports. But I can tell you that sometimes sport can be more than physical; sometimes it’s emotional and political. Sometimes the circumstances in the world around a game make it that way. Sometimes a whole nation can lift on the back of an improbable victory on a field or a rink. And when it does, you stir patriotism so profound, men and women that don’t even know the basics of our sport are forced to wipe their streaming tears away.

It’s happened before. And it needs to happen here again tonight.

It’s difficult not to sense a US downslide. But we’re only falling behind our potential. The world tells us that we live in the Asian century. That it is only a matter of time before China overtakes America. That the Communist Party of China and its ruling Politburo, and military, will be the most powerful force in the world.

I have nothing against the Chinese people. They are men and women created by God, just like us. Many of their individual objectives are the same as ours. Every individual is equal. But every culture is not.

Communism and America will never see eye to eye. We were founded on the idea of freedom through limited government, and imbued with the belief that our rights come from God and are therefore inalienable. We are an optimistic, libertarian, philanthropic, individualistic, and religious nation. China is none of these. China’s power comes from its sheer size of population, not its innovation. It may have opened its markets to be free but its heart remains closed.

We may be locked in close battle with China for superiority on the medal tally but our culture and way of life, and the culture of the West, is superior. Whatever our gripes with our government, and there are rightfully many, we are free and committed to the idea that we can rise above however we were born to achieve whatever it is we want to. Our heart is open. And it’s why we have no time for the government of our opponents, and the way they treat their people. They’re scheming, scary, and mysterious, and if they step too far, you can be sure we will unleash a can of industrial strength-sized American whoop ass on them. It’s what we do.

Our 300 million people may be dwarfed by the 1.3 billion that their government controls but our free minds, voices and hearts will always drown them out.

Tonight, use your minds, voices, and hearts to not only win the gold medal but notch a victory for freedom, and humanity.

A victory that says freedom will always triumph. A victory that celebrates our red, white and blue goodness. A victory that reminds our enemies and detractors that we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. A victory that will have opponents trembling with fear.

Tonight you are warriors. Let’s get our nation cheering again.

This is your time. Take it. No defeat; no surrender.