It should also be noted that all of the Democrats running for president (so far) scored lower than Obama’s abysmal 10 percent cumulative Senate voting record.

Every year, the American Conservative Union releases their ratings of U.S. lawmakers. It basically makes it easier for the public to hold them accountable. You can say you’re a conservative– championing limited government, fiscal responsibility and free market policies­– all day, but that dumb cliché is true. Actions speak louder than words.

Most Republicans scored over 60 percent, but only sixteen scored a 100 percent conservative voting record. Of those, only one is officially running for president.

It’s none other than Sen. Ted Cruz.

A slim few Republicans were rated between 40 and 49 percent on the scale, with the majority of them scoring 60 percent and above. Sixteen earned a 100 percent rating this year, including Sen. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and Rep. Ron DeSantis.

(On a side note, I interned for Rep. Ron DeSantis, and he’s a GREAT guy. I truly believe he’s going to be a HUGE player in the conservative movement as he advances his political career. Keep an eye out for him!)

Mr. Schlapp and his research team also compared the cumulative records from other lawmakers, in other years. “Another interesting fact in our analysis is the stark reminder that Hillary Clinton is no moderate,” he says. “While many in the media portray her as more centrist than self-described Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders or fringe activist Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Clinton’s lifetime rating of 8.13 percent is within two percentage points from those extremists.”

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