Traitors get what they deserve in the end.
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A California man has reportedly died while fighting for Islamic State militants in Syria.

NBC News reports Douglas McAuthur McCain, 33, of San Diego, was among three foreign jihadists with the Islamic extremist group who died over the weekend. Photographs of McCain’s passport and of his body, which features a distinctive neck tattoo, were seen by the outlet, but U.S. State Department officials have not commented on the report.

A woman who identified herself as McCain’s aunt confirmed he had “passed” before referring calls to his mother.

McCain — believed to be among only a small handful of Americans thought to be fighting with Islamic State in Syria — was known as a “goofball” in high school. Former classmates from Robbinsdale Cooper High School in New Hope, Minn., said McCain was “always smiling,” liked basketball and didn’t appear to be overly religious.

“He was a goofball in high school,” one classmate told NBC News. “Doug was a fun guy to be around. Played basketball, joked a lot, had a small sense of humor. Got along with most … Wasn’t the best athlete, but liked to play.”

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