Four American’s including two of our bravest Navy Seals, went down September 11, 2012, but not without a fight. Order’s to Stand Down, were foreign words ringing hollow to hero’s ears when saving lives was their oath to this Country and ultimate mission in life. With one last fight still ahead to save 31 more lives they disobeyed orders and mission accomplished; put their lives on the line as they tirelessly fought into the break of day and waited for fellow soldiers to arrive and help, but help never came.

Until last week’s hearings, Patrick Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management @ the State Dept., under Secretary Clinton, never mentioned he was the one behind the policy decision. He created the death trap on Sept.11, 2012 for not getting extra security. He was the State Official who signed off on the Benghazi operation with sub-standard security in an action memo, just surfacing, from Dec., 2011, nine months before the attack.

This in itself shows that it had to have gone upstairs. Secretary Clinton had her Teflon fingerprints all over it because Kennedy is not someone at a level who could set policy; he simply had the power to have lower levels enforce it. These lower level employees were set to take the fall.

To the untrained eye this political procedure may appear appropriate at first glance but when delved into deeper what do we find? What we don’t find is any semblance of character, truth or honor in play. One thing is for sure, you don’t have someone set to take a fall unless there is something that needs to be covered up. The State Dept. merely shuffled the deck chairs. Re-assignment is not accountability it’s the Potomac 2-step, the lower level takes the hit while the upper level in-the-know that holds the power… walks.

It amazes me to see what levels of altitude the blackmail, deception and cover up reached when highly respected officials four star Gen, then CIA Dir. Petraeus, and Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, also Eric Holder, Dept. of Justice, and the State Dept., some even under oath; gave inaccurate and suspect circuitous answers that were depths below plausible strategy, like the two below.

Two repugnant statements from Mr. Panetta’s mouth at the first hearing; (not sending Military help and stand down order) are fore front in my mind this was a criminal act needing a cover-up. 1.) The fatal decision not to send help because we didn’t know what we were up against. We didn’t know the enemy, how many and what weapons they had. 2.) Stand down orders to our brave Navy Seals right there and others at the airport; ready to go and fight no matter what or who they may be up against. All because they thought “the fight would be over before help arrived.” This is what our Military is trained for, situations of unknown chaos and calculated risks.

The CIA knew full well that they were under Al Qaeda attack and STILL didn’t send help. It was 911 they were unprepared for, which is a known Middle East reign-of-terror on America, War day. No help, there was a presidential election campaign which held precedence over any tiff in Benghazi which might mar the campaign slogan. The stand down order, that can ONLY come from the Commander in Chief, Barrack Obama, was given as he packed his bags for Vegas to do a campaign speech.

Yet this same Commander in chief wanted us to follow him into Syria to involve ourselves in a civil war where again his EGO was on the line…the Red Line. In Syria his ego needed war-like measures. In Benghazi his slogan was Al Qaeda was dead. His ego didn’t want warring, so a spontaneous protest over a video, not a premeditated Al Qaeda attack on 911, was conceived.

No fly over order, no show of Americas’ force to take out the enemy or even attempt to rescue our soldiers, those ideas all dismissed. Mr. Panetta said the stand down order was given due to the thought the fight would be over sooner than help could arrive. What if the stand down order was given so it would be over sooner? Our guys were outnumbered, out armed, sitting ducks from substandard security, Mr. Kennedy just attest to, proven by earlier trial attacks and clearly taken by surprise. The State Dept. knew this and denied more security on a 911 anniversary. What if this was the plan?

It took two times of waiting before the third time of action when Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods disobeyed orders and went to the annex to rescue the 31 survivors. Their life’s mission and Oath as soldier’s accomplished. Giving your life to save one of yours…American Exceptionalism was on display. Secretary Clinton and Mr. Obama took this same oath. They probably thought it didn’t exist any longer because it sure wasn’t factored into their plan of the spontaneous protest.

I believe no one in Washington that night expected the Navy Seals to go in and save the 31 survivors who now have been dispersed throughout the country, given alias and contracts of non- disclosure to maintain their life and Obama’s secret. They have never been allowed to talk to Congress or allowed Congress to know their names or location. No one has ever been held accountable either. Isn’t that strange for a President and Secretary of State wanting to be the next Presidential Commander in chief to brush it off as a no consequence phony scandal?

If his orders to stand down had been obeyed by the Seals, there would be a different outcome. His “timing story” of not sending troops would have made sense because it would have coincided with a credible spontaneous protest out of hand rendering no witnesses, no press coverage and little to cover-up which had no contradiction to his campaign slogan.

What Mr. Obama never understood, knew existed yet must be destroyed for his socialistic plan to work was American Exceptionalism. It’s not just an idea it’s a way of life. A core belief as of a knighthood: of Love, Wisdom, Courage, Truth and Self-sacrifice and it is uniquely American. The Achilles heel to Mr. Obama’ ego is his miscalculation of devotion to God and Country our soldiers hold true.

Unlike cowardly suicide bombers, American Exceptionalism is a selfless act of heroism which cannot be comprehended by a power driven, egotistic, A-moral, feckless coward. I can say that because, No REAL American Commander in Chief who took the Oath of Office to serve and protect our Country, would call down his troops allowing them to be slaughtered by the enemy in cold blood; pack for the campaign trail, get a solid night’s sleep and Never Ever inquire about his soldiers or their outcome again. Hillary, in 2016 will find out, the answer to her question, that “character” is what makes the difference.

I can only imagine his shock and disdain when he got the call that the Navy Seals had saved 31lives in a heroic all night battle. The best that he had was a fabricated weak story about a Muslim video. He was rattled that someone disobeyed his orders and now he had 31 witnesses and the blood of 4 Americans on his hands to inconveniently deal with in the middle of his re-election. Maybe he mused at his tenacious opponent knowing that he would soon cast doubt and cover up the remains that anybody may mistakenly think that American Exceptionalism was still alive.

Of us who know what it is, worked to achieve it and kept it flourishing all the years of America’s growth, have every right to wear America’s Exceptionalism like a Badge. We will not apologize or relinquish it to you or any other dictator, con-man. It’s our heritage which we hold dear and take to the grave. It was proudly displayed in Benghazi. The truth of Benghazi will be revealed and the memory of our soldier’s exceptionalism will never pass away, it is always passed On to live in our children and our grandchildren for generations to come.

Be watchful in 2016 America, our Exceptionalism shows up and (Cruzes’ in) when you least expect it!

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