Prior to the last four years, there were very few media outlets I would have never praised as sources of honest journalism. Media organizations like the The National Enquirer, Perez, MSNBC, and The Onion are just a few which easily come to mind. However, one source I would have never referenced because it was a blatant state run newspaper would have been Pravda. During the cold war, Pravda was the main propaganda arm of the Soviet Union. Now, in part because of the media’s infatuation with our current administration, Pravda has become one of the standard periodicals I read to find out the issues and events, which are shaping the political environment here in the United States.

News that has been censored or just eliminated from the American mainstream media is more likely to appear in this source in part because the Russian media has yet to be intimidated into submission by our current administration. What has happened in this country to force readers to seek out and consider certain British newspapers and Pravda as legitimate outlets to find out what is really going on within our Country?

It is no secret, but is not very well publicized, that the media in America is
a total propaganda machine. Few politicians or notables would ever challenge
the power and influence of broadcast or print journalists for fear of a negative backlash or blacklist. These forces are operating somewhat like Cold War editions of Pravda, cranking out stories whether true or not, about President Obama
and his administration. They have covered up his ineptitude. They have
hid his corruption. They have presented his foolishness, in the most
favorable light imaginable. They have done this so well, that even some of the most intelligent members of the media are so confused about what the truth is, I believe many of them truly are sincere in their corrupted bias and think they are delivering facts instead of fiction. Some might even justify this by thinking they are doing what is best for America therefore not even a speck of guilt on their conscience.

Actually, the media has become a joke along with their empty suit
President. Very few Americans today put any stock in the media and
what it presents as news. Network news hours are seen for what they are,
an extension of Obama’s campaign strategy. Cable news, once highly
thought of has now become extensions of SNL. The opinion shows on Fox News have now become our only chance to receive reporting and analysis without have commentators who look forward to the next tale of Obama’s greatness which will send shivers traveling up their leg.

It is crisis time. Once again, Americans being creatures of excellence and
ingenuity have found the solution. Not to be daunted, not to be diverted,
not to be deceived, Americans have found trust in media sources like talk radio and the internet. These independent news sources have begun to develop a track record far more reliable and far more informative than any traditional news outlets. I strongly endorse and encourage all my fellow conservatives and anyone determined to have all the facts, to engage in and support both those in conservative talk radio as well as reliable online news outlets. Support the advertisers; show the outlet your appreciation by linking them to your social network.
Let’s get behind those avenues of honest journalism to help keep America
from being bamboozled and made into a Socialist/Communist utopia. Yeah,
we know how that ends up…just ask Pravda.