Amid growing international calls for Iran to release an imprisoned Iranian-American pastor, a regime mouthpiece reportedly has accused Saeed Abedini of spying for the U.S. government and brainwashing young Iranian Muslims to convert to “Zionist Christianity.”
According to Mohabat News – an independent Iranian Christian news agency – Iran’s Bultan News charged that Abedini, who was arrested while visiting Iran last September to build a non-sectarian orphanage, had been “commissioned” to pursue nine objectives.

These included the illegal planting of house churches; creating financial networks to support the spread of “Zionist Christianity” including attempts to brainwash and “recruit” Iranian orphans; and transmitting news from inside Iran “directly to the White House” – which Mohabat said amounted to an accusation of spying.

Bultan (“Bulletin”) News is linked to Iran’s intelligence service and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Abedini, a convert from Islam living in the U.S. in 2005, was sentenced in January to eight years’ imprisonment for “threatening the national security of Iran.”

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