Back in October, I told you about a team of American Christian veterans who have been going to the Middle East to aid Kurdish fighters against the Islamic State. They were home at the time, but now have regrouped and built the up their team and will be heading back next week, and they need your prayers and support.

Jeremiah, a US Marine veteran and the team leader of Operation Do Something, took time to speak with me this week and his news was pretty exciting.

This time Jeremiah’s team will actually be composed of two teams and they will be working with the peshmerga (Kurdish fighters) in continuing to train them in how to care for their wounded. Jeremiah told us that they will be living in a house near Kurdistan and have some new things they will be able to offer the fighters as they battle to get women and children, who have been taken captive as slaves by the Islamic State, released and returned to their families.

Jeremiah did communicate that though a large percentage of the people they are working with claim to be Muslim, he said that they appear to be those who have grown up in families that are Muslims in name only and don’t really even understand the teachings of the Koran, as opposed to those who read the Koran, understand it and have joined with the Islamic State.

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