In his 2008 campaign the President also ran on the phrase, “Our Veterans have to be priority!” It was so important when he was a Senator that he attended the Veterans meetings to grasp the situation and get to the core of the complaints. Unfortunately he missed half of the meetings; he attended 19 out of 37. This should still have given him enough information on the mishandling of the Administration with a grasp of areas needing to be investigated and improved upon.

At the President’s speech he said “we are going to fix whatever is wrong as long as I have the privilege of serving as Commander in Chief. That is a commitment to which I feel a sacred duty to maintain.” “When I hear of allegations of miss-conduct whether it’s of VA staff covering up long wait times or cooking the books I will not stand for it, not as Commander in Chief but also not as an American. “

No drama Obama means cover it up until I proclaim to find out about it in the newspaper along with everyone else. Was he asleep in the 19 meetings he attended?

The “secret waiting list” which delayed Vet’s from receiving medical care or seeing a Dr. for months while they literally died waiting, has been the theme found among 26 facilities in 16 States and counting. This secret list contrived to game the system was for two reasons: 1.) It created an empirical list to the public, albeit an illusion, that there was actual care being delivered to the sick Vet, making everyone look efficient. 2.) It paid a handsome bonus to workers and their superior who showed that wait times, according to the false list, had been shortened.

$573,000 in bonuses paid out to VA officials during a record backlog.

$10,000 Bonuses paid to Regulations Director after deadly Legionnaires disease outbreak.

$63,000 Bonus paid out to Pittsburgh VA director after 5 veterans died of Legionaries disease.

$25,000 in bonuses paid to St. Louis facilities Director during her (4Yr.) tenure there, while 1,800 Veterans were exposed to HIV and Hepatitis in St. Louis center due to unsanitary dental equipment.

Jeff Miller (R-Fl.) House of Veterans affairs Chairman Committee, last year called for hearings to investigate and he sent a letter to the President never answered. He said, “This is not the way to go, rewarding for poor performance, you reassign them or fire them.” Regrettably for the VA a union-controlled system cannot fire them even when it is a blatant scam.

We understand coverage does not equal care. Incentive bonuses and Presidential awards in a deceitful gaming system don’t work either. Increase demand (sick Vet’s) and decreased supply (doctors) creates longer wait times, rationed care and corruption of the system with “unmitigated death panels,” a perfect example of how Obamacare single-payer will work. It always boils down to the money; the bonuses were awarded but not the care.

We will do nothing at this time as we should wait to get resolution in a (4th) IG report in August.

How soon he forgets his 2008 campaign speech and just a year ago all these conditions described above, after bonuses doled out, still exists today. We don’t need another IG report we need accountability.

Too much favor has been bestowed on Muslim terrorists who hate us and have perpetrated crimes of horrific proportion on Americans and our Veterans. I will layout the policies of special care and attention reserved to appease our enemy while incarcerated at Gitmo prison.

Let’s refresh our memory. This was simultaneously happening ‘last year’ while our Veterans were fighting off HIV, Legionaries disease and lengthy wait-times. Gitmo goes on a “Hunger strike”.

Marine Gen. John F. Kelly, stated to Miami Herald, “there was 103 captives on hunger strike and he took issue with Mr. Obama’s description of force-feeding the captives at Gitmo. If they fall below a firm body weight they are put into a feeding chair and given a choice – eat or have a tube snaked up your nose and down your throat and a bottle of Ensure pumped inside. They’re all eating something”, Kelly said, adding that they can drink a dose from a straw rather than a tube.”

These same prisoners have a 20-hour access to their new $750,000 soccer field and state-of-the-art fitness equipment as well as their (now) Muslim chef cooking Islamic meals. They have 3 recreational facilities: an indoor and outdoor recreational yard and the soccer field. Special passageways allow them to pass into the recreational areas without Military escorts.

Everyone gets a Quran along with a hammock to keep it from touching the floor when not in use. Mikey Weinstein has taken away the Bible from our troops and the Chaplains are no longer allowed to have the Bible on their own desk displayed. Our Chaplin’s Bible must be hidden in a drawer.

They are issued prayer beads, rugs and allowed to pray 5 times per day in Arabic without anyone allowed to interrupt while they bow to Mecca. Our soldier’s Bible…shelved in a drawer out of sight, out of mind and our troops are not allowed to say the name Jesus, but Allah is ok.

They have directional black arrows on their cell floor to show them the direction for prayer. They have their own books and video’s in their ‘Muslim library’ and a cleric to preach to them in Arabic.

Detainees have requested prison officials to (NOT) raise the American flag anywhere they could see it because it is offensive.

They are now demanding a newer facility, easier access to Lawyers and threatening more hunger strikes if they don’t get their way. Our Veterans are dying in the aisles waiting for a single appointment just to be seen by a Doctor.

Our Vet’s depend on “charities” not the government to give them tract chairs so to get around because they don’t all have limbs to run and play at a new $750,000 Soccer facility at Gitmo, but corrupt VA officials got a bonus and Shinseki looked the other way.

Last year the Obama administration signed off on Gitmo building projects of $21 Mil to include a new $11 Mil hospital and medical unit for detainees and a $10 Mil “legal summit complex” for lawyers to meet their detainee client that we pay for. In 2014, House Armed Services Committee increased the $21 Mil Gitmo budget to $69 Mil. Yet, Military retirement benefits were slashed instead of increased to keep up with inflation, contrary to their contracts. Source: EBD

This past week Senate Democrats killed the House approved Bill aimed at insuring accountability for the diabolical VA scam. Proof all the speeches from Mr. Obama is feigned outrage.

2013 Gitmo operating budget of $177 Mil equals $1Mil /detainee of 166 residual terrorists.

* 779 Total detainees held since 911 attacks.

* 600 were released without charges and sent home.

* 166 still remain in May 2013. One year later May 2014, only 15 captives remain.

* 86 had approval to transfer home to 3rd world country but 151 were sent back.

* 9 have died of suspected suicide in Gitmo.

* 6 of 15 remaining face any formal charges.


The Supreme Court declined to “clarify the rights” of Guantanamo Bay detainees.

In Obama’s speech about the VA scheme he said, “I don’t want to turn this into a political football.”

Well, what should we call “fraud and negligent homicide” (a scandal) even though 40+ Vets have died?

If it’s not political then it’s a violation of allegiance towards one’s country, a blatant betrayal of confidence and trust to our Military and “consciously and purposely” acting to aide our enemies. If that’s not political, then…Isn’t that Treason?