So, what’s up? Are you in danger? Should you run for the hills, bone up on your survival skills, or hunker down and wait it out? Any of these could be an option for what might be coming soon. Read on and decide for yourself what you should do.

Many Americans are getting ready for something out of the ordinary. They are convinced something wicked this way comes. They are in preparation, survival mode. There is an alien mood in the land. We have never seen this type of defensive response by civilians in modern times, not even when Y2K approached.

A large number of people are preparing for some type of conflict, maybe a civil war. Some are vocal about the preparations they make and encourage others to do the same. Others remain silent about their actions, but continue to ready themselves for something they fear looms on the horizon. Do people have reason to be this afraid or are they paranoid?

In the background of all this nervousness is the fact that various federal agencies are stocking up on hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets. Hollow points usually are for killing people. It is still unclear why the government has ordered such large numbers of bullets at this time.

Another reason for people’s uneasiness and suspicion is a tremendously anti-gun President and Democratic Party. We are now engaged in a cold war between the little people and the government. There is a small-scale arms race taking place. Drones! Drones! We need drones! Are there any drones on Ebay?


The gun sale trend in America has been going up, way up, since Obama became President. In some states, gun sales are up 100%. Applications to carry concealed weapons are also up. Obama has turned out to be the best gun salesman in the world. Our GNP, gun manufacturers, and gun stores thank him.

Americans on a large scale are now armed. They are locked and loaded. They now wait to see if their fears are founded.

To be fair and impartial, we must acknowledge that some of the spike in gun sales is directly due to the fear of possible future gun control and not due to a fear of imminent civil unrest. This upward trend in gun sales began when Obama was elected in 2008.

In addition, many people are afraid, and rightly so, that the UN treaty, pushed by Hillary Clinton and Obama, might limit gun ownership. However, there is still an undetermined amount of gun and ammo sales, mostly in recent months, that are directly due to fear of possible future conflict within the country.

The possibility of another Obama term is another scary prospect. If given another term will anyone or anything be able to stop his socialist agenda? Will some Americans take to armed conflict rather endure another four years? Some worry that his reelection could spark a war between some citizens and the government. I believe there is a fair chance this will occur.

One other trend we can see is the appearance of many new outlets selling survival foods. These special, long-life foods are being advertised heavily. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see a “Survival” section introduced at Kroger or Wal-Mart in the near future. There are big profits to be made here.

Vendors of these foods are setting up shop at gun shows and other well-attended venues, excepting, of course, the recent Democratic Convention. There is a good reason these foods are so popular. People are afraid of food shortages. A lot of us know how quick grocery stores are cleaned out when a bad storm threatens. A national emergency or time of unrest would be no different. Food and water is essential for long-term survival.

The President of the United States, the media, and other special interest groups would have us believe that things right now are as they always have been, business as usual. We are told that this is just another political cycle, business cycle, and recession. Right? No, absolutely wrong!

There is nothing normal about where America is at this moment. Let’s look at where we are as we rapidly approach the most important election in modern times. There is nothing good about it. Nothing.

We are broke. We are in a deep recession, probably a double-dip recession, maybe even a depression. We are in the process of destroying the best health care system in the world. Unemployment has been over 8% almost for the entire Obama term thus far with no relief in sight. The housing market is near dead. Those of us who have homes have lost a large percentage of our investment. Untold numbers have lost their homes or are in an upside down mortgage situation. Over 50% of recent college graduates are unemployed or grossly underemployed.

Next year millions of people will be totally shocked at their new tax bills thanks to Obamacare and budget failures. Still it seems the masses just don’t understand what is coming their way. The middle class will be devastated. Small businesses will be further ravaged by burdensome regulations and taxation.

Yet, in the light of all of this, President Obama (The buck stops somewhere else?) doesn’t take responsibility for any of this mess. Poor George Bush. It is still all his fault along with that nasty Republican House of Representatives

So, what are a lot of Americans doing? They apparently don’t believe things are normal. It is not business as usual. Are they responding as they always have? No. They are arming themselves, heavily. They are buying survival food and they are preparing for a conflict.

So, what should we do? I don’t know if there is a standard answer, but I do think it is foolish not to be prepared for whatever occurs in the near future. Whether the future brings a civil war, or depression, natural disaster, or other event, it is wise to be prepared. We should all have some emergency food, water, money, bartering items, and some guns for protection. This is what I think. I am getting prepared. What about you?