Americans are feeling pretty grim about jobs these days.

Only 29% of respondents to a poll released Friday believe more jobs will be available in their communities a year from now.

On top of that, a mere 44% said they believe that the same number of jobs will be available. And 26% take the even bleaker viewpoint that jobs will decline, according to the CNN/ORC poll.

As a point of comparison: The current frontline jobs forecast is slightly more pessimistic than Americans felt during the recession in 1991, and roughly the same as in the recession in 1982. (View the jobs picture in your state)

The CNN/ORC survey — conducted Aug. 5 to 7 — further found that seven in 10 respondents believe there are few jobs available in their area. Just 24% cited a normal number of jobs, and only 4% said many jobs are available.

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