Amid all the scandals, documented lies, blatant violations of the Constitution, Mr. Obama continues on… seemingly undaunted. The in your face appointment of Susan Rice is just one example of his arrogance. We have seen habitual liars that have the preverbal “poker face” regardless of circumstances. Is he just playing out his hand or does he know something we don’t? When he looks at Americans, is he amused as we scurry about ignorant as fleas on a dead horse, unaware of our host?

Mr. Obama’s demeanor is troublesome, especially in view of recent reports, which speak of coup d’etat, with numerous conspirators in all three branches of the government. Articles like Doug Hagmann’s at CFP “More DHS insider from DC” are more than just troublesome. The way that one reads, not much left to do but verify the distances markers in your defensive perimeter, you might want to check your discreet “tell-tails” and make sure they are present and functioning.

Is that really how far gone we are? Is this the source of Mr. Obama’s arrogance?

The latest release by “whistleblower” Edward Snowden on the complexity and severity of the infringement on Constitutional rights is staggering. If you look at the testimony before the House, the continuing daily revelations, you begin to understand. If it’s transmitted electronically, the government has a copy. If it’s recorded or composed electronically, they may have a copy, if you’re on the “list,” there is no “may” about it they have a copy and then some.

This insidious power is being utilized to control officials in every branch of government and has devastated our liberty and virtually shredded the Constitution.

They will tout the value of the surveillance battling terrorism, knowing that it has diminishing returns. Now the only terrorists that get caught by this method are “low lying fruit,” basically amateurs. We know al-Qaeda and the ilk adjusted tactics long ago. We see evidence of this in Osama ben Laden’s compound, no Internet, no phone, and all communication by personal messenger.

They would like us to understand the need to sacrifice a little liberty for safety. They would like us to believe they understand the need so much better than we do and it was just best we didn’t know.

Over the last ten years, the NSA has amassed a vast stockpile of data. This “dragnet” style of data collection is only useful with the right software. The proper algorithm is needed to go through it. They won’t tell you that a “digital smoke screen” could easily be deployed combining Robocall setups and burner or cloned phones. Any organized effort would undoubtedly employee this method and render “dragnet” collection useless. Therefore, it would seem that it is most profitable keeping an eye on us.

With the plethora of scandals, one can’t help but believe that the corruption is so rabid throughout the government that the system of checks and balances is virtually nullified. Are these scandals just indicators of changes that have already occurred? Is that why Mr. Obama is so smug, he knows you can’t stop what has already happened?

Obama fears the majority understanding that today “we the people” still hold the power. The sad thing is, I don’t know if tomorrow we will. Even sadder still, is that I don’t think Mr. Obama is very concerned about the possibility, because he knows who we have become.

I see all the headlines, articles, and news commentaries voicing the utter outrage over the NSA scandal, representatives vowing to seek justice, the public outcry over constitutional infringement. You would think that this must strike fear in the heart of Mr. Obama, no, not it all. He’s seen it before, you have too and he knows how it ends.

How many of you remember Mark Klein? Mark was a “whistleblower” back in 2006 that talked about the government having a splitter on an AT&T fiber optics trunk line. For those of you that don’t know an AT&T fiber optics trunk line means access to everything, phone, Internet, everything. Not just AT&T customers; the trunk lines are made available for lease by law, and are normally used by any and all service providers in the distribution area.

Two court cases spawned from Mr. Klein’s revelation. Hepting vs. AT&T and Jewel vs. NSA. Lower court tossed Hepting and the Supreme Court refused to hear it. Jewel is still pending years later with the NSA trying to get it thrown out under state secrecy privileges. This occurred under a Republican President and the press covered it heatedly. The representatives vowed to seek justice; there was public outcry over constitutional infringement. Today the public outcry is where? The representatives that vowed to seek justice, well it was obviously very hard to find.

Mr. Obama knows that the American public’s attention span is similar to the talking dog in the animated movie “UP.” The one that is continually distracted by the thought of a “squirrel.” This is why Mr. Obama is so arrogant, he knows that the vast majority will go along with whatever they are told, as long as they have their coffee in the morning and their favorite sitcom at night. They won’t worry about it until it knocks on their door and by then it will be far to late.

The saddest thing is, if America falls it won’t be because of military might or some covert coup d’etat, it will be because we the people handed it over to the new owners. Our moral degradation, the infatuation with self interest, the human nature to respond to prosperity with lethargy, the subtle indoctrination that has occurred for fifty years, all have resulted in who we have become as a nation. This is what Mr. Obama is counting on.

I do believe it will take a miracle to save our beloved country. Not because the corruption of our government but because the majority of the people don’t know, don’t want to know, and wouldn’t care if they did know. As long as they have what they have been told will make them safe and happy, and of course, the government is going to promise to make sure that they have those things.

I believe in miracles! We could turn this around in short order. The fact that corruption is through out the government can be to our advantage. The corruption is the results of spineless reprobates that have weaseled their way into our government. What is nice about spineless reprobates is that they can be intimidated, we see Obama doing it all the time.

If we all just took a few minutes to contact all of our representatives, it wouldn’t even have to be about the same subject, request a special prosecutor, whatever. If we diligently contacted them once a week and if we committed to getting five friends to do the same and got them to commit to getting five friends, in a two week the influx would be noticeable. In three weeks some of these spineless reprobates would begin to notice, in month they would start questioning their stance. Shortly thereafter, the fear of the people would creep into the crevices of their wretched little hearts, and the spark of liberty would be rekindled.

The Conservative Caucus is a invaluable source of contact information, fax numbers and emails addresses of your representatives and many other useful links, please use it, and please share it.

Myself, I will continually pray, I will continue to shout, I will continue to write. I have decided my defensive perimeter is too small, I need to relocate, anybody wants to buy a house in Southern California. The weather is great.