Conservatives know people who rely on the Federal Government for their living become the foot soldiers of the ‘Democratic Machine.’ But the question is, “How do Americans feel about those who are poor that are getting money from the Federal Government?” In a country where free enterprise is supported (like America used to be) everyone’s standard of living improved when the economy was good. When the government decides to intervene, we drop back to the lowest common denominator. This is called being poor and the government knows who you are and what neighborhood you live in. Most Americans actually favor ‘individual efforts’ of people to move up the economic scale. This literally means the government is not involved in business; business moves the economy forward, not the other way around.

It has been reported that a lot of money being spent by President Obama is being sent into poor African-American neighborhoods. This is done through organizations like ACORN (like it no longer exists), Planned Parent Hood (which aborts more black babies than any other race) and other types of outreach programs geared towards African-American citizens. We do not see the same empathy towards lower class whites or Hispanic people as we do towards African-American citizens. Based upon this, a national poll was conducted and 81% of Americans believed that African-Americans should follow the same examples of other immigrants in their work ethics. That means African-Americans should work their way up the economic ladder, with no special help from the Federal Government.

Now, I did not take or conduct this poll. I am just reporting the facts from a reputable company that has solid data to back up the claim. The bottom line is “Americans say African-Americans should help themselves and not depend on the government.” There is a clear racial gap in the data, were whites were 66% in agreement and 47% of African-Americans did not agree.  We know a poll question can be phrased in such a way that can make a poll favor or be against some specific agenda. So here is the question for this poll (below) along with the graph of the responses: 

“How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Irish, Italian, Jewish and many other minorities overcame prejudice and worked their way up. African-Americans should do the same without any special favors.”

You do not have to like the fact that I am writing about an African-American issue. However, why should we be so afraid to say anything to anyone as it may offend them? Just know this is not my poll, nor my data. I am just reporting about it because it illustrates that not only 66% of whites said it was true, but also 15% of black agreed as well.

This means 81% of Americans, people who were polled, believed that African-American people should get over the prejudices of what they are calling “entitlements” and not depend upon the government for a handout. We can see the results of the handouts being sent from the Federal Government though the hands of Planned Parent Hood. The money they spend is killing all the black babies they can! My question is “Why do the Democrats and Obama himself support an organization that actively kills babies; especially an organization that is primary in poor black areas of the country? Why would any black person support the extermination of babies of their own race?” You must know it is Democrats doing this, not Republicans!

In another interesting statistic, nearly half of the African-Americans polled believed African-Americans have gotten less than they deserved in the last few years; only 15% of whites agree. This should not be a surprise to anyone as the unemployment rate in African-American communities is over 25%! Where is all the Obama money really going?

In an ironic twist, it is the whites who are over twice as likely as African-Americans to believe Obama Administration policies have been very favorable to African-Americans. Half of white Americans say if African-Americans tried harder, they would be as well-off as whites. But only 18% of African-Americans agree.

This means 69% of Americans believe that African-Americans could work harder and NOT depend upon the Federal Government for handouts! It is clear the Democrats want African-Americans to become dependent upon the Federal Government while at the same time, reducing their population! So I agree, African-Americans should help themselves and dump their blind support for Democrats. This would help them and all of us more than anything else!