The real war is not contained in the power of our Army or weapons or in the thickness of our metal ramparts. The real enemy that threatens America most is not “outside” her borders, it’s the insidious one “inside” them.

Lawless abuse of power creating unbridled havoc is the mechanism of choice by our enemy within to undo our primary laws paving the way for New World Order. On the back of our dollar bill are the printed words at the base of the pyramid describing this very goal (Novus Ordo Seclorum).

To achieve a new world order the old order must first be completely obliterated (level) the playing field. How do you wipe out a country as large as America with laws firmly set in place to protect her from falling? Over years you indoctrinate the youth to a socialistic amoral rebellious point of view; evil is good and good is evil. Then you place in the highest office a politically corrupt despot community organizer to organize that doctrine into law. The simple tactic to revamping the old system‘s order is overloading it with anarchical chaos until it implodes creating a vacuum from which a new foundational framework can be raised. Most people agree that ‘Order rises out of Chaos’. This manufactured government version of whack-a-moldmayhem is the last step being used to rip America down. How many rampant scandals are concurrently arising today in our government; how many have been resolved within two years’ time?

We’ve seen situations in a courtroom when the judge loses control. Tempers flare as heated arguments from divided points of view turn into yelling bouts short of fists flying. The Judge intervenes by slamming down his gavel and shouting “Order in this court”! In my opinion these words, “New order in this country” will soon be declared from Judge Obama regarding the racial wedge he planted dividing us. He never lets a good crisis go to waste especially when he starts it.

The difference in “judge” Obama behind the gavel is his agenda to change and control American’s every aspect of thinking in life from cradle to grave. His empowered like-minded, administration, media and new PC generation of Lib’s are the instigators of his perpetual chain of chaos, destroying our current Laws requiring the new repair. Dem’s say we must change our thinking because our Constitution is passé and needs updating with New Rules, dictated by Politically Correct ones.

Obama believes Nations and borders are the cause of war. To eliminate war you must abolish sovereign nations by erasing their borders and joining them as one. A world without borders moves us into global governance through Globalization ending war and creating the goal, new world order Utopia. Oh, but to achieve true tranquility there’s a second part. Religion also causes bias, hatred and intolerance. The unified Left’s crafting with the almighty “Obama pen” will have to outlaw Christian’s religious beliefs that don’t line up to theirs, by passing a New Rule book with an Anti-Blasphemy law we all must comply with like Obama Care’s 36 changes without question.

No longer will logic get through to others on the Left. The PC Liberals are bored and not stopping with banning words. They have graduated into being the new “thought” police. Warning…the Left’s next target for silencing through PC thought control, has them looking in the direction of those fanatical thinking Christian’s.

It is highly probable that those on the Left are thinking that Christians are intolerant and threatening their freedom by preaching: homophobia, traditional marriage, Jesus is the ‘only way’, pro-life and morality. Make no mistake, this is no longer a moral or political battle it’s bigger than either of those. This has evolved into a Spiritual War. Remember, these Liberal raised kids have absolutely (no) concept of the Bible’s beliefs. In a poll taken of 1000 people asked to grade favorability of different people groups, Christians ranked lower than homosexuals. A sign of the new times that they no longer respect Christian’s beliefs but are inclined to look at them as bigoted “haters” of homosexuals.

Tolerance is a one way street by its very definition. It’s putting up with or having recognition or respect for the opinions, beliefs, (religious) practices or actions of another, also it’s the amount of variation from a standard that is allowable by society.

As a culture historically our standard of the progression of the overall way we think and behave through social norms have been viewed through the lens of Christianity. America’s thinking and behaving now aligns more with an amoral taught society that’s become so darkened and morbid that even their basic social conventions have been pushed to the edge. Acceptable frivolous murder is on the rise; look at Chicago on any given day.

The worldview of the Liberal “demands” that some things simply are not tolerated. We are going to have it our way and not that old-fashioned Christian way. They clearly don’t understand the meaning of tolerance or being tolerant. Tolerance means us putting up with liberal variance and them putting up with ours, not us giving up our core beliefs which differ from theirs, but that’s how they view it.

Being PC for a Liberal is to annihilate beliefs you have no tolerance for, a modern-day form of genocide. Genocide is the systematic annihilation of a political (conservative) racial (white) or cultural (Christian) group. This is exactly what the IRS did to the tea party. The Liberals want tolerance until they decide that Christian thinking is too far right from theirs, especially since Christians are being tolerant of, their homosexual beliefs. PC tolerance is not extended to anyone (or their God) who thinks the (Left’s) beliefs or actions are abominable, except the Muslims.

In the case of the LA clippers issue they switched over from tolerance to “policing” tolerance by erasing the guidelines, moving away from the standards and becoming the (thought) police. This is what they did by asserting that you can’t be a racists’ or say anything racists even in the privacy of your own home or you will be fined $2.5 million. We are now in a PC era where we are not even allowed to think a racist thought.

Richard Fowler a young black Liberal radio host was on the O’Reilly show and asked, “What can we do in the status quo to make sure that we put an end to remarks like Don Sterling and Clive Bundy or anybody else like that? We have to call them out, whether it’s homophobia or racism, so we can overcome it.” This is PC outlawing, penalizing and policing freedom of speech and freedom of thought. What’s next, banning Christians because their thinking is intolerable? Obama ranked Christians a bigger threat to America than terrorists.

Fowler goes on to say, “In the 60’s we had a societal shift towards blacks and that’s what‘s got to happen now. It’s the job of society to determine what the (New) norms are and racism and homophobia aren’t norms! We should agree that’s how we fundamentally change this country and hatred finding ways to end it systematically.” This statement exposes the Lib’s PC hatred of Christian beliefs coming from their new definition of Normal which means simply disagreeing with them is hatred.

In the past we had this thing called freedom of speech and freedom of religion but Fowler circumvents it saying there’s a new morality police in town fundamentally changing the way this country operates. Racism is a crime-Homophobia is a crime-Sexism is a crime. Is Christianity a crime next?

The Left wants a new norm through Anti-Blasphemy laws muzzling Christian’s preaching the Bible. This law will be implemented through their hatred and view of intolerance of anyone opposing their rigid ideology. Christian’s position on homosexuality or abortion won’t be tolerated by this next generation of Liberals; Fowler’s societal new norm thinking puts a genocidal target squarely on all Christian’s back. Remarkably he never addresses the intolerant Muslim religion that dictates one must (convert or die)!

If you censor a citizen’s right to speech and limit their right to practice any religion with all of its tenets then you really don’t have a free country anymore do you? Our Freedom is being eradicated right now at our border. When the rights of Illegals supersede the rights of legal residents in their own Country, genocide of the main cultural belief system has ensued. We have been scammed by the enemy. We traded precious Real freedom for his cheap counterfeit Idea of utopia through a new world order.