First, our government used them on suspected terrorists half-way around the globe. Then, they used them on American citizens half-way around the globe. Now, they’re using them on Americans right here on U.S. soil, and a North Dakota judge sees no reason to be alarmed. Just last year, for the first time in America, a predator drone was used to assist police in the arrest of farmer Rodney Brossart and his family in the small town of Lakota, North Dakota.

Lakota is a 1-square-mile town of about 780 people and not big enough to contain Mr. Brossart’s 3,000-acre farm of corn and soybeans. A neighbor’s six cows wandered onto his property, and Brossart refused to return them based on an interpretation of an “open range law” until the neighbor paid him for the feed which the cows consumed.

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