(Don’t think it doesn’t affect you)

“Ive noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born.”
-Ronald Reagan

Warning! Rated R for Sex and Violence

3700 babies died today in their mother’s womb. This just doesn’t seem to bother people like it once did. But, the fact is that we are murdering our children at a rate that should alarm us all.

Abortion is not a just a procedure. It’s not just scraping out some dead tissue. It is an execution of an innocent life. It’s a cold, brutal, and ungodly practice. A wig by any other name is still a wig. Killing is still killing regardless of the label we use.

I know this is harsh terminology and may offend some people, but abortion is murder. This is exactly what it is. It doesn’t matter what the motive may be. God will forgive those who have committed this sin. But, He will also judge this nation for practicing it. I believe He already is in that process. His hand of blessing is receding back into Heaven.

My purpose here is not to heap judgment or guilt on anyone. Rather, I want to shock us back to the reality of what abortion truly is. It’s a national disgrace and a personal tragedy. Abortion affects women and men, maybe in different ways, but it does affect both sexes. It affects you and it affects me.

We the people need to acknowledge this atrocity for what it is. We must repent of it, and do something about it if our nation is to survive. In last week’s article I encouraged the pastors of America to step out on this and other hot issues we like to avoid. (http://patriotupdate.com/articles/americas-churches-must-step-up-and-step-out/:)

I think I have a little more insight into this issue than most men. I minister with an all female staff at a local pregnancy center. I am very aware of the guilt and shame that can accompany an abortion. I’m also aware, though most probably are not, that the men who help a woman or force them to get an abortion are equally guilty and also share in the guilt and shame.

Recently, I showed the wonderful, redemptive movie, October Baby, at a local Baptist church. Unbeknownst to the church or me, one of the men in the congregation had, at some point, taken his girlfriend to get an abortion. Just hours after the movie ended he became riddled with guilt and became suicidal. By God’s grace, the pastor was able to minister to him and bring him to a point of accepting God’s forgiveness. We just don’t’ think of men dealing with this type of guilt, but they do and they should.

Now, you may wonder how abortion affects you if you are a man, or a woman who has never been pregnant, or someone not in a relationship where abortion might not be a pressing issue. Let me give you a few reasons why it does affect you and our society at large, all of us.

To date, we’ve aborted fifty-five million babies. This is equal to the combined populations of both California and Texas. Some of those babies would have been doctors, scientists, musicians, entrepreneurs, educators, athletes, and leaders.

One of these aborted people could have found the cure for cancer or heart disease. They might have created a business that would have hired people who are now out of work.

One of those babies may have grown up and purchased the house you can’t sell in this depressed market or married one of your children or grandchildren. These are fifty-five million people who would have worked, raised families, and paid taxes. They would have help fund yours and my social security and Medicare.

Had they lived America would be a different place in a lot of ways. Most importantly, their blood would not be on our hands.

Far too many of us conservatives have abandoned the fight for the life of the unborn. We have come to accept the popular idea that abortion is just part of the American fabric in 2013. We’ve given up this fight to retreat to other battlefields. We don’t appear to care enough to do anything about it. Some of us do, of course, but most don’t and this is tragic.

Can we try and recapture the emotion of this issue? From God’s perspective, abortion is murder. Why doesn’t this truth move us any more? Why do we not fear God? We can sterilize the words we use to describe the act, but babies still die. What is the difference in aborting our children and sacrificing them up to Baal? Isn’t it the same thing?

Is our apathy because we don’t see these babies since they are hidden in the womb? What if we waited until they were born then lined them up against a wall and shot them. Would that get people stirred up? There is no difference really. I know I make my point very graphically but we need to reconnect emotionally with the horror of the practice of abortion.

There is another aspect of abortion that hit me particularly hard. I came to truly understand the post abortion guilt that many women experience. It sometimes comes immediately and sometimes it comes later, but there is an emotional price to pay. This point came home to me very dramatically while working a women’s retreat as the senior pastor.

It was a Sunday morning, the last day of the retreat. It was my responsibility to conduct the chapel service that day. I prepared for a 20-30 minute devotional which was pretty standard during this particular retreat. I did this without checking the schedule. This was my mistake, but God worked it for good.

When the time came to begin the service, I asked the chapel assistant how much time was allotted. She said two and one half hours. Say what? What am I going to do for that length of time? I didn’t have a clue. I have to admit that a little fear crept into my soul at that point.

It was amazing what happened during that time though. First, I delivered my prepared message. Then, I simply told the group of ladies that I wasn’t sure what was next. I asked them to prayerfully wait for a few minutes to see how the Lord would lead. I was stalling, of course. I knew God had to do something because I couldn’t at that point. And, He did.

As we waited and I sweated, one lady softly asked, “May I share something?” I assured her she could for as long as she wanted. Please talk for two hours, I prayed.

She was brief. She shared something that most would not. She was under strong conviction of the Lord. She shared that she had had an abortion. She also added that no one, not even her husband knew about it. It was apparent that she was riddled with guilt and shame. She had carried this load for years all by herself. When she finished her confession, she burst into tears. Others soon joined her.

As the group absorbed her story and pain, another lady stood up and made the same confession. She, too, had aborted her child. Then, there was another confession then another who shared their story of abortion. There were a good number of women that day who unloaded their guilt with a flood of tears. They also found forgiveness.

When the service was over, five hours later, the chapel looked like a Kleenex factory. Tear-soaked tissues were strewn from wall to wall. There was more crying, sobbing, confessing, and healing that day than I had ever seen before. It was a day I won’t ever forget. Most important, a lot of ladies left a lot of guilt behind them in that room. They were free.

What I learned was that Christians get abortions too. This was an eye opening revelation for me.

It’s difficult to pin down an exact number but somewhere between 30-40% of women in America will have an abortion at some time in their lives. That’s an incredibly telling number.

The women who have abortions are from all walks of life, races, education levels, family backgrounds, and represent almost all faiths. Shockingly, according to one study, 27% of women who abort say they are Catholics and 13% are self-described evangelicals or born-again Christians. As much as many Christians would like to think that only the heathen have abortions, it just isn’t so.

Abortion is a sin that God does not overlook. Innocent blood cries up to the heavens daily as 3700 American babies die in the womb.

Think about the Newtown tragedy. It was a heinous act, unthinkable, ugly, and a reproach to God who made those children in His image. But, on the same day 3700 babies were slaughtered in their mother’s womb with their mother’s help. Where is the outrage?

Just two weeks ago was Sanctity of Life Week. How many churches had sermons on abortion? Few by comparison I’m sure. Why get controversial, right?

In recent years, in Atlanta, Georgia, several thousand people would show up for the Sanctity of Life day march. This year about 3,000 participated which is way down from the numbers we saw in the 1980s. In the metro area there are over four million people so this turnout is a pretty paltry showing for such a large city. There are many individual churches in the area that alone could turn out these numbers. Apathy abounds.

May God forgive us for our ongoing sin of killing our children. And, may we do all we can to stop it.

Just a closing thought in closing. Aren’t you glad your mother let you live?